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Catholic Schools in West Cameroon Officially Suspend Academic Year



Ambazonia Clergy

BaretaNews is getting reports from the interim leaders of the Anglophone Civil Society Consortium that the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda and all Catholic Schools West of the Mungo suspends all teaching staff. According to a Facebook post by the interim leaders, Catholic schools have been officially closed for the rest of the academic year. This declaration was made public to Catholic teachers on Friday 3rd February 2017 in a meeting.

Meanwhile, on the instructions of the Bishop of Mamfe, the Education Secretary for Mamfe Diocese has stopped the announcement for the resumption of schools in his Diocese. Also, from what BaretaNews gathered, Kumba and Buea says schools cannot resume. Based on this information, the leaders of the Anglophone Consortium sees it as a big win. They had this to say:

“Now, my dear people, the government gave it was the last joke yesterday by bribing those lunatics who called off the strike. We have one duty now. We need to show to the government that the consortium is in charge and the people have lost faith in them. We need to make Monday 6th February as ghostly as Ghost itself. Begin calling and texting home now. No school and everyone stays home. 11th February is the ultimate boycott and Ghost day. Add your name to history by calling/texting now. Expect a big showdown after 11th February. God bless you.” Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo.

Following random analysis from comments on Facebook, the information boosted the enthusiasm of West Cameroonians towards the struggle. It shows the fervent support of the Catholic Church to the people. An anonymous analyst had this to say:

“Catholics always stand tall in their actions. After the government, they are the backbone of education in Cameroon. Their declaration is final. For those elites who were deceived by government’s antics, sorry, I live them to their consciences. A day of reckoning awaits each and every one of them.”

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