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Massive Abductions Of Southern Cameroonians In Anglophone Neighborhoods-Yaounde







Earlier this morning Southern Cameroons activist Akoson reported that over 500 Southern Cameroonians were picked up in Yaounde. Security forces moved from door to door abducting “Anglophones”. BaretaNews haven reached to sources in Yaounde can now confirm and validate this information to be true. Akoson has been in the forefront of this struggle and after lived in Yaounde, the information coming from its page are verified. All those abducted did not know why they were arrested. They were just bundled into the station where their ID Cards were confiscated. BaretaNews got the information that one of the reasons is as a result of poor registration in the electoral register. It is one of those move to force Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora (La Republique) to register so as to give legitimacy and a false pretense of “Anglophones” approval of a so called one and indivisible Cameroons. Another source said, its a means to stigmatize and follow up Southern Cameroonians in La Republique as Obili, Biscuiterie, and Biyemassi happens to be some of the “Anglophones” areas in Yaounde. We in BaretaNews heavily condemn this barbarism of our people in La Republique. We are a peaceful people but sometimes we shall give what belongs to Ceasar if pushed to the wall. Akoson’s full report is attached below. Read on

Akoson writes:

A mixed contingent of heavily armed gendarmes, police and army men/women stormed the Obili, Biscuiterie and Biyemassi neighbourhoods in the capital city of La Republique du CameroUn. The squad in typical combat and war gear pounced on these neighbourhoods early this morning, July 28, 2017 and targeted the homes of those they called, ‘anglofous’ and harvested about 500 of them (both adults and children as young as 12). They were whisked off to the Yaounde 5eme Gendarmerie pig style they call an office.

“… This morning police just entered the neighborhood right into people’s houses and took them out. I was still sleeping when they banged on the door. Nothing was said except that we should climb the car that was packed outside. On getting to the station we realized we were all Anglophones. Our names ID’s were taken and our names written in a book. And after keeping us for about an hour, our ID’s were handed back to us and we were asked to leave…” an eyewitness fumes.

Stunned by this genocidal act, I reached out to one of the ‘anglophone’ who was abducted and requested to talk to a gendarme officer who hurled invectives at me; “…vous etes qui? Vous, les Ambazzozzo. Fou moi le …”. As noisy as they always are, I decided to drop the call to save myself the stress.

Here is another eyewitness; ” I witnessed the massive arrest of youths at Obili this morning at about 6:30am. I tried finding out reasons for such arrests but a policewoman advised me to stay quiet for my own good. I must confess The arrest indeed was aggressive and scary”.

My Comment: La Republique is the worst country on earth. The brutal Biya regime of Paul BIYA has refused to learn from History. They are planning an ethnic cleansing of Southern Cameroonians. They have just begun the identification process such that when push comes to shove, they would easily target Southern Cameroonians. Our people must remain vigilant at all times.

Our people must know that La Republique is not our land. We must make plans to start leaving. We must leave. We must return home.

Aluta continua


From a federalist to an ‘independentist’. The Southern Cameroons MUST be free.

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