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Pa Tassang Begs For Diasporan Unity On His Knees: Calls For Leadership Convention



Pa Tassang Begs For Diasporan Unity On His Knees: Calls For Leadership Convention

By Mbah Godlove

Detained Ambazonian leader Deacon Tassang Wilfred has pleaded on his fellow citizens in the Diaspora not to abandon the “God-ordained struggle.”

In a highly emotional and rational letter addressed to Diasporans recently, the incarcerated leader lamented the fact that some Ambazonians have quitted the liberation quest at a time he says is very crucial.

The former language teacher regretted the fact that the unity that had prevailed amongst the Diasporans in 2017 when they all like one man resulted to carry the struggle into the bedroom of La Republique du Cameroun with the pius hope to right the wrongs of 1961 has now broken down into segments of disunity.

The erstwhile secretary-general of the Cameroon Teachers Trade Union (CATTU), nicknamed, the pastor of the revolution prayed from his Kodengui prison in Yaounde that Ambazonians abroad should be reunited again “imagine for one moment what would have happened to the struggle if you were not out there to both speak and foot the bills. Would you now disobey God and abandon your people for any reason whatsoever? When the children of Isreal left Egypt, Pharaoh didn’t want to let them go. It is not different with Ambazonia,” he stated.

About the Swiss dialogue, Deacon Tassang entreated the Diasporans to hold a convention and discuss whether or not to engage in the talks. He added that whether Federalists or Restorationists, there should be some serenity, respect, and maturity amongst both camps. “Proponents of the talks have done well in that they have let the whole world know that the struggle is ready to talk. Those who didn’t go also did well in that they let the world know that the resistance will not be precipitated into just any kind of arrangement in the name of talks,”. He added.

“At the outset, to talk and not to talk were both correct. However, what is happening now is absolute madness in the name of defending positions. I hear more of ego than good sense. Ego and passion have blurred their vision,” he further averred.

To Pa Tassang, the social media which he thinks would have been playing a vital role in the struggle have rather been a forum where Ambazonians reveal top secrets, which the enemy (LRC) is using to further frustrate the struggle.

Tassang Wilfred is one of 10 Ambazonian leaders at the Kodengui Principal prison who were recently slammed a life jail by the colonial regime of La Republique du Cameroun.

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