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Why I Gave My Full Unconditional Blessings To President Sisiku Pre Talks



Why I Gave My Full Unconditional Blessings To President Sisiku Pre Talks
1. President Sisiku Ayuk Julius Tabe, in all of the several pre talks which have been held before this one was made public, has been consistent on the message-“Free All Prisoners and Leave behind the Nera 10 even at that let me go out the last person” This is a servant leadership
2. President Sisiku has been clear to Cameroun that he cannot negotiate and maybe won’t even sit on the table. He has been clear to Cameroun that Ambazonia has cream of experts and he has been clear that the two sides will sit and talk and only that will bring peace and justice
3. President Sisiku is not, has never claimed to be the only leader, and that only by his words things will come to end. In all meetings, he has echoed and recognized free leadership without exception, calls on the international system to know that without all on board,#DeadEnd
4. What President Sisiku is doing every other detained leader in historical moments have engaged in such pre talks. Their jailed status gives them such status not because they are powerful but because they can act as a link to bring all on board, mends fences and faces the enemy
5. Therefore, everyone must not expect that Sisiku should have referred such talks to free leadership. This is a normal procedural process. See President Sisiku as fertilizing the ground, setting the foundation for such talks to hold after minimum conditions have been met
6. It is true that Prisoners do not negotiate because they cannot enter into contracts, only free men do. However, prisoners of war are free to get into any pre talks, they are free to act as fertilizers, they are free to set the stage and this is what President Sisiku is doing
7. Therefore, it’s in this light and mindful of the minimum conditions that have been expressed by all movements in the past, I give my full unconditional blessings to President Sisiku, father of the revolution to go on with these talks that should lead to UN-mediated negotiations
Mark Bareta
July 3rd, 2020

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