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13 Reasons Why Only Southern Cameroonians Can Sell Their Freedom



Southern Cameroonians






*At this Stage, only Southern Cameroonians can Sell their Freedom and the Reasons are Clear*

The movement for the complete restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia has reached a stage of no retreat, no surrender. In fact, at this stage of the revolution, not even France can rescue La Republique from not loosing the Southern Cameroons territory. It is only Southern Cameroonians who can decide to sell their consciences and return to the shit they have been running away from for the past one year.

In one year, Southern Cameroonians have been able to free themselves from mental slavery and the ignorance of their own history. In one year, Southern Cameroonians have open diplomatic doors that have never been opened in 55years of the struggle. In one year, Southern Cameroonians have been able distinguished between true revolutionaries and revolutionary impostors.

This is the spirit of freedom that must be sustained to the end despite the many distractions. According to a Southern Cameroonian simply identified as Mr. Niba, any British Southern Cameroonian citizen still advocating any form of union with La Republique du Cameroon – whether a decentralized or Federal union, should consider the following facts:

1. There is no legal or moral basis for a union or federation between LRC and the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.
2. A UNGA Resolution N°1608(xv) does not need and cannot be vetoed by USA, China, Great Britain Russia or France.
3. Biafra is an internal affair of the Nigerian Federation with nothing in common with Southern Cameroons an ex UN Trust Territory that was autonomous long before LRC and which achieved her independence on Sunday 01-10-1961 and fully restored her independence on Sunday 01-10-2017.
4. The UN,EU and the AU especially South Africa and Nigeria are watching French moves in Africa with close attention
5. France will not risk her international reputation, in the UN, AU and also in the EU for a small poor country in Africa that has squandered all the chances and resources for socio political and economic development in the last 57 years and is still without basic statutory institutions like a Constitutional Court etc.
6. The genocide of Sunday 01-10-2017 has forever tarnished the international image of LRC especially in France.
7. LRC is now considered in France and Europe as a failed state at the par of CAR of dictator King Jean Bedel Bokassa…
8. The total boycott “massive ghosting” of the LRC presidential speech at the UNGA on 22-09-2017 was a clear signal to the Yaoundé dictatorial regime.
9. The rare visit of the UN Secretary General to Yaoundé just as Kofi Annan’s visit to Sadam Hussein was absolutely not for courtesy.
10. The US and French Presidents are revolutionary legal figures who have clearly refused to accord a state audience to the President of LRC?
11. France does not feed on the resources of LRC! LRC is neither uranium rich Mali nor oil rich Gabon, Congo Brazzaville and Chad nor cacao rich Ivory Coast nor Senegal with a strategically determinant commercial port…
12. LRC is a nuisance to France rather than a source of raw materials for the French industry.
13. France together and in competition with other Countries of the World, especially in Europe and Asia, has more interest in recognizing Southern Cameroons Federal Republic of Ambazonia than in bankrolling LRC.

From every sign and symptom on the ground, we are projecting a possible UN Security Council resolution that will see the intervention of UN Peacekeeping Forces in Southern Cameroons in the nearest future. The increasing number of Southern Cameroonians fleeing La Republique’s mayhem and brutality into Nigeria is raising international concerns and global security alertness in this critical zone of the world. The nocturnal visit of the UNSG to Yaounde and the muteness from Yaounde that followed the visit is telling. It must be stated here that if the message of Antonio Gutierrez to Mr. Biya was palatable to his ears, one need not say that Isa Tchiroma, La Republique’s propaganda minister would have held several press conferences to trumpet the message to the world how the UN SG has said that Cameroun is one and indivisible, etc.

At this critical stage therefore, all front line leaders must be cautious not to be used by the enemy in an attempt to return a determined people to their excreta. La Republique du Cameroon is gradually appearing stranded and drowning. Her only available and potential saviour at the moment is Southern Cameroonians. Is any Southern Cameroonian ready to save La Republique from drowning? and how far can he/she go to save the enemy state? Time alone shall answer the above questions. But one thin is clear; It will no longer be business as usual. Southern Cameroons independence has been restored and this restoration must be aggressively defended until the Capital, Buea is habitable by the Ambazonian Government.

by Agbor James

BaretaNews Political Analysts

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