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0.26 Percent Student Resumption In Northern Zone-Regional Delegate Gives Dangerous Statistics





Colonial Regional Delegate Gives Schools Resumption Details

The Colonial Delegate of Secondary Education for the Northern zone Mr. Ngwang Roland Yuven has given some mouth-watering statistics for day one of school resumption. Though I believe the figures are even much lower than he presented, let me state exactly what he posted

1. a. Expected Number Of Schools=555
b. Number that went Functional = 30
Number divided as follows
Boyo 00 schools
Bui 00 schools
Donga 09 schools
Menchum 02 schools
Mezam 19 schools
Momo 00 schools
Ngoketunjia 00 schools
C. Overall Percentage= 05.40 %

2. a. Expected Number Of Students= 55.010 (Expected Students enrolment for the entire region is way dangerously low)
b. Number In School =1299
This number is divided as follows:
Boyo 00 students
Bui 00 students
Donga 1205 students
Menchum 73 students
Mezam 21 students
Momo 00 students
Ngoketunjia 00 students
C. Overall Percentage = 02.36 %

Northern Zone School Resumption

3. a. Expected Number Of Teachers = 3009
b. Number Present= 86
Divided as follows
Boyo 00 teachers
Bui 00 teachers
Donga 51 teachers
Menchum 03 teachers
Mezam 29 teachers
Momo 00 teachers
Ngoketunjia 3 teachers
C. Overall Percentage = 02.86 %

4. a. Expected Number Of Administrative Staff = 1009
b. Number present = 96
Divided as follows
Boyo 00 staff
Bui 00 staff
Donga 39 staff
Menchum 05 staff
Mezam 45 staff
Momo 01 staff
Ngoketunjia 06 staff
c. Overall Percentage = 09.51 %

When we look at these statistics even though I believe they are much lower than presented because we cannot trust these folks, we can confidently now accuse the UN because their failure to intervene is the result of three years of no schools in Ambazonia. The UN is the root cause of this problem and they are very much aware that Ambazonians will never bark off until it is resolved. The UN is against Ambazonia children being educated. They know what to do to change those figures above. #RecogniseAmbazonia now

Mark Bareta

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