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Colonial 20th MAY Celebrations: Political Party Makes Bold Declaration




Colonial 20th MAY Celebrations: Political Party Makes Bold Declaration

The arrogant and headstrong colonial regime is of course bent on celebrating the colonial 20th May, which it shamefully calls national unity day. The colonialists are hoping to use this year’s celebrations, as a day to show their colonial prowess over the resistant people of Ambazonia.

No need to remind us that without, Ambazonia presently under occupation by the rogue state of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), the would be no 20th May.

Amidst the present war currently being prosecuted against the sovereign people of Ambazonia, a reasonable population in LRC should be asking its government why it has chosen to kill as a conflict resolution strategy, with those who made 20th May possible.

Some colonial political parties have began asking such questions. The Alliance of Progressive Forces (APF), says there is nothing worth celebration, as the colonial republic is in chaos. Below is a declaration by the party suspending its participation in the so-called March Pass and celebrations.

Alliance Of Progressive Forces (APF) DECLARATION

Relating to the suspension of our participation in the 20th May 2018 March Pass

Considering the history of Cameroon;

Considering the Anglophone crisis that has been dragging on in the North West and South West Regions of the country for almost two years;

Considering the extremist nature of declarations made on both sides;

Considering that war is not a wise option in a conflict between sons and daughters of the same nation;

Mindful of the thousands of Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria and the destruction of property by the “regular” army;

Recognising the loss of life among our soldiers and our fellow citizens;

Recognising the direct and / or indirect economic and agricultural losses amounting to several billions of CFA francs in a country already under international assistance;

Recognising the negative impact of the crisis on our sub-regional leadership;


Considering the insecurity and misery of the displaced populations of the Far North, persecuted by Boko Haram, tormented by misery and abandoned by the ruling elite;

Recognising the widespread distress;

Recognising that deep down inside, Cameroonians are not in the festive mood;

The Alliance of Progressive Forces (AFP) finds itself obliged to suspend its participation in the celebration of 20th May which has from now hence been robbed of its republican meaning.

By this decision, we wish, once again, to draw attention to the degeneration of our living together, the spirit of tolerance and level headedness once advocated by the martyrs and founding fathers of our country.

By this decision, we once more peacefully call on the current policy-makers to restrain their zeal for power and give a chance to the general interest as a matter of top priority.

However, given that the people are the ONLY SOVEREIGN AND FINAL DECISION-MAKERS, we appeal to all Cameroonians of voting age, to choose as one man, the strength of the ballot leaving the force of the gun to the regime in place, by massively registering on the electoral lists against a receipt, and, when the time comes, to stand up as one man to block the way both for the separatists and the war-mongering government.
It’s a matter of generational survival.


Done at Yaounde, on 02 May 2018,

The National President,



Signed APF Communique

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