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Colonial Northern Zone Governor Accuses Teachers Of Sponsoring Ambazonia War



NW Governor accuses teachers of sponsoring Amba war.

By Mbah Godlove.

The colonial Governor of the Northern Zone, Adophe Lele Lafrique has made the dangling academic year to be more difficult to commence following an attack on Teachers’ personalities. During a visit to Boyo County recently, the colonial Administrator promised hell for Teachers who will dare fail to appear in school on Monday, September 2.
Lele Lafrique’s mission to Foundong was to Cajole parents to allow their children to return to school after losing three years owing to the war octogenarian Paul Biya, President of French Cameroun waged against Ambazonia.

After escaping death from Restoration Fighters after his sophisticated military convoy came under several attacks, the Colonial Governor said all absentee Civil servants, without excluding Teachers will be punished accordingly. He unequivocally stated that some state workers have been using the money earned from the State purse to finance the Ambazonian independence struggle which is nearing its third year; an accusation many says has only added insult to injury.

On Friday, August 30, Adolphe Lele Lafrique signed a decree suspending over 100 workers whom he said were receiving salaries without rendering any services to the Nation.

Just like the last three school years, the Governor said stringent security mechanisms have been employed for a hitch-free 2019-2020 academic year.

The brutal colonial army of Lapublique is said to have attacked several schools in the Northern Zone, including Sacred heart Mankon and Presbyterian Secondary School Bafut.

Schools in Ambazonia have failed to resume as of this day.

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