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Southern Cameroons Today: Kombone Mission Battle








The Kombone Mission Battle: What we know.

The Cameroun Military seems to have changed tactics in fighting the Restoration Forces. It is important to note that last evening and early this morning, the Tigers Of Ambazonia engaged in a battle with colonial soldiers in Kwa Kwa, Kombone, Nake etc. The Tigers were attacked unexpectedly but because when you know your area and your ancestors are with you, things are different.

In a battle in Kombone mission, we are told the Tigers faced one of their fierce battle as colonial soldiers came with three military trucks. Out of a sudden, the colonial soldiers were bold to jumped out of their truck on bare foot and faced the Tigers. These colonial soldiers seemed to have what we call “Odeshi”. We are told bullets were not penetrating on them as they kept coming at the Tigers. They too have found something different. However, the results immediately changed as Tigers found the anti of what those soldiers had. It was a tough one, reports from ground zero suggest.

The Anti has been found, everything changes. As a result we are told, the Tigers sent 34 colonial soldiers six feet. One Tiger was sent six feet by the colonial soldiers with seven Tigers wounded as we were informed. The Tigers succeeded in setting ablaze one of the military truck in Kombone, the other two escaped. They also followed a military jeep and set it ablaze in Ekombe. We are now told the military retracted and reinforcement came. They are now in Bole as I write with 19 trucks and three machine guns/bombs burning down and bombing houses.

Stay tuned with BaretaNews Updates. The battle for Ambazonia will be a long one.

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