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The Horror We Face-The Ambazonia Struggle







Letter To BaretaNews: The Horror We Face

PLEASE you can not disclose my identity.

Hello Bareta. I write to you with a heavy heart to inform you of the dirty happenings going on here in Boyo Division. Yesterday at G.B.H.S Fundong, La Republique forces, about 70 of them (Police, Gendarme, BIR, and scouts) attacked, arrested, humiliated and beat up parents who came to school to withdraw their problems in fear of a threat of an attack on the school as things were not easy at Mbingo, Belo still in Boyo Division.

It has been confirmed that this morning, a good man and father of many (a teacher in GBHS FUNDONG) in the name of Mr Nubed Wilson was attacked and seriously tortured by La Republic forces leaving him with a broken arm and serious injures. This happened this morning when he was on his way to Bamenda from Fundong. He was in a public transport Clando along with many others.

The millitary forces destroyed the car and tortured everybody in it even though they all had their ID cards with them and all of them are people above 43yrs of age. After torturing them, they were locked up at the Brigade, all attempts to have them released went futile untill some major authorities including 3 DOs and the SDO intervened and he was released at about 2:30PM today since morning.

This is a serious situation. Please spread this message through your various channels and also help inform the people of Mbingo to be prepared for a millitary RAID can occur at anytime. The Mbingo market was already destroyed yesterday by La Republic forces.

The Raid will be similar to that of Santa-Menka in which the military forces destroyed everything in their part, killling cows, pigs etc. Luckilly the people were informed and ran into the hills before the millitary could get to them although sources confirm about 30 people were arrested.

Thank you for reading through this.
Please you can not disclose my identity.

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