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Yaoundé Sets Up Large Screens To Monitor Social Media







Yaoundé Sets Up Large Screens to Monitor Social Media, as Facebook Dictates Ground Action in Ambazonian Revolution

BaretaNews has been informed that the colonial regime in Yaoundé treats every piece of information posted on the Facebook page of Mark Bareta, CEO of BaretaNews, very seriously. According to our source at La Republique du Cameroun’s (LRC) Ministry of Communications and the National Gendarmerie Headquarter abbreviated in the colonial language as SED, giant screens have been erected in their information rooms, where they closely monitor the Facebook activities of online warriors.

Of recent, Mark Bareta and Akoson Pauline Diale, have been closely monitored online, as they have releasing sensitive LRC security information to Ambazonians, since the declaration of war on Southern Cameroons by the dying regime. They, therefore see every Ambazonian officer within their ranks as a suspect because, before they could hatch an idea to confront the Amba warriors on ground zero, the plan is already found online, exactly as they had agreed, either on Mark Bareta wall or that of Akoson Pauline of AmbaNews.

One of BaretaNews sources at the Communications Ministry, is quoted as saying that “sometimes, we look at our boss, Isa Tchiroma, as pretending in whatever he reads out as government’s position… he loves watching Bara Mark’s live shows on Facebook, and those of us who have repeatedly seen him doing so really doubt whether he is just watching to monitor what Mark is saying and nothing else…” “Recently, whenever those at the monitoring room at SED, read the statement; “I HAVE BEEN BRIEFED” from the other Ambazonian leader… (apparently referring to Comrade Cho Ayaba), they immediately start making calls in the field to find out the situation on ground” BaretaNews sources at the SED hinted.

According to our source, the colonial regime believes strongly that the social media with Facebook and whatsapp in particular have consistently dictated the pace of the revolution on ground and that’s why they are very much afraid of it, even though the make a mockery of Ambazonia as a Facebook Republic. No wonder, social media platforms have remained blocked by the colonial regime in Ambazonia, since 1st October, 2017, (except with the use of VPNs), coupled with a gross reduction in the bandwidth of internet services in Ambazonia.

Speaking to one of the drivers of the university of Buea Campus shuttles that were initially painted in Abazonian colors, before being changed to yellow and white, he told BaretaNews correspondent that, the Vice Chancellor of UB had received a quarrel from Yaoundé, after BaretaNews published pictures of the new Campus Shuttles in Ambazonian colors. All attempts by the university administration, to convince the colonial regime that the Blue and White were the official colors of UB, proved abortive. A situation that forced the university administration to bow to the pressure and repainted the shuttles. With this, one begins to wonder when the regime will also change the blue and white uniform of government primary schools in Ambazonia.

It is high time the colonialist regime came to terms with the fact that this revolution is an information war, and so long as we live in the information age, controlled by the youthful generation, there is no way an analogue generation can defeat this digital generation. Ambazonians revolutionaries belong to the digital generation and are therefore bound to win this war with the revolutionary ancestors and GOD on their side.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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