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Yaoundé in a New Diplomatic Mess with Washington & Jerusalem



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Yaoundé in a New Diplomatic Mess with Washington & Jerusalem

It is now clear that the Donald Trump Administration hasn’t taken lightly, recent threats by the old Yaoundé dictator on its diplomatic representative in Yaoundé. It now seems Washington has started work on what appears to be a diplomatic slap on the Government of Paul Biya and members of its regime. Of course, if this should go on progressively, then we can all deduce the end from the beginning. Within a day, one of the strongest allies of USA, Israel gave another diplomatic shock to Etoudi. BaretaNews dissects and situates these two heavy blow on the old man in Yaounde.

What’s the new development?

The US Embassy in Yaoundé, within the week refused granting entry visas to players and top officials of La Republique’s female military football team to travel to the US for global football competition. The team is supposed to be participating in the Women’s World Military Championship in Fort Bliss, Texas, USA. The said competition already kicked off on Thursday June 21, with the conspicuous absence of the team of the colonial terrorist forces.

The opening ceremony of the military championship on Thursday 21st June, 2018 witnessed the presence of other participating teams notably Germany, China, Bahrain, France, Holland, Canada, Brazil, South Korea and the US, reports National Telegraph.

Even though no official reason has been given to the public for the refusal of visas to the colonial delegation, it is however certain that this appear to be the consequential manifestation of the recent diplomatic altercations between Yaoundé and Washington, and the threats to the life of the US Ambassador to Yaoundé, Peter Henry Barlery.

The Ambassador had been ridiculed and threatened by the regime, after he presented a goodwill message of the US Congress to dictator Paul Biya. In the said message, Congress edged the octogenarian to submit to the dictates of history and step aside for as the natural candidate of the bloody CPDM in the upcoming and uncertain colonial Presidential elections in LRC.

Other sources within LRC ranks hold that the visa rejection has got nothing to do with Washington-Yaounde relations. They posit that the entire team was refused visa because none of the players presented are actual military personnel. How possible could this be? In a banana republic where manipulation and corruption is at its peak, it will also not be surprising if it happens to be the truth. But for now, BaretaNews considers it a cover-up reason.

All begging attempts by the Yaoundé regime to get the decision of the Consular officer reversed failed. American Diplomatic officials are said to have informed the regime that, the decision of the Consular Officer was in line with the laws and regulations governing Visa issuance in all American Embassies and it is final.

Meanwhile, in another diplomatic blow for the terrorist regime, Israel has reportedly rejected the letters of credence of the colonial Ambassador designate for that Country. Mr Biya has designated his former Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Jean-Pierre Biyiti Bi Essam’s as LRC Ambassador to the Holy Nation.

It is not clear whether this rejection by the Israeli’s government is connected with the diplomatic row between Yaoundé and Washington.

But only time shall tell.

James Agbor
BaretaNews Political Analyst

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