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Kumba Massacre: Abdul Karim Scorns Colonial Emissary Atanga Nji In An Open Letter



Kumba Massacre: Abdul Karim Scorns Colonial Emissary Atanga Nji In An Open Letter

By Mbah Godlove

Ambazonian firebrand political activist, Abdul Karim Ali has castigated French Cameroun’s emissary for wrongly using the Holy Bible for dubious motives.

In a strongly worded letter addressed to La Republique du Cameroun’s Minister of Interior, Paul Atanga Nji Tuesday, November 3, 2020, Abdul Karim underscored that the colonial leadership of President Paul Biya is “illegitimate, ahistorical and illegal in the context of the Southern Cameroons.”

This declaration was sparked by Atanga’s speech in Kumba following the killing of at least 7 kids of the Mother Francisca International Primary School a week back.

During an iter-Ministerial meeting in the city recently, the Interior Minister was interrupted by a prophetess saying President Paul Biya was a God-ordained leader.

Abdul Karim furthered that French Cameroun’s constant abuse of power is a nostalgia that misunderstands cultural history.

Reacting to Atanga Nji’s manipulation of Kumba denizens through exegesis of Romans 13 of the Holy Bible, the high sounding scholar said it was wrong using it to defend the colonial government’s barbarism in Ambazonia.

He warned against leadership constructed upon falsehood,
stressing that the Bible teaches “Her officials within her are like wolves tearing their prey; they shed blood and kill people to make an unjust gain (Ezekiel 22:27).”

“Mr. Nji, You are wrong Biblically, spiritually, historically, legally, morally, democratically, and factually. Please refrain from using God’s name in vain,” the outspoken Karim stated.

Abdul Karim is one a many Ambazonian activists who has stunk back at colonial Minister of Interior following his two visits to Kumba after the massacre of the young school children

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