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Whistleblowers Needed- Let us Non-Violently Fight This Regime



Following suggestions from Vivi Lle, where she emphasised the following: We need to find a way to get a movement of change that is anchored in human dignity and how we treat each other. I am no longer interested in policy and politics. How can we start a movement of people who treat each other with respect and make it go viral in Cameroon?
I am proposing that individual Cameroonians take steps to bring sanity into the way things work in Cameroon.
As a first step, i will suggest everyone becomes vigilant with what is happening in their communities. Perhaps a simple action can be for you to learn to use your smartphones to take pictures, scan documents or even write what you experienced and secretly send them to people like Tapang Ivo Tanku, Mark Bareta, Vivi Lle, Nchem Rudolf, Sylvie Qwasinwi Ngassa Bello, Paule-Sylvie Yonke, Patrice Nouma, Modestine Carole Tchatchouang Yonzou, Solomon Amabo etc on Facebook. You can ask for their whats-app numbers and send photo’s and other information to them via whats-app if that is better.

If you know of that friend, uncle, relative, etc who just graduated from ENAM and is building a very big house somewhere after stealing state funds, take pictures of the house and their name and send to us secretly, If you know of that uncle who collects bribes and is laundering the money via his kids and relatives abroad for them to invest in properties and other safe assets abroad, document their working practices and send it to us, If you know of that tax official who instead of doing his work, is busy collecting money from ordinary Cameroonians, document his activities and send

if you know of that civil servant who is living abroad but still collecting salaries from the state, tell us their names and we will publish it here on Facebook.If you know of that feyman who goes around hurting innocent people at home and abroad but comes home and is being protected by the police, document his activities and the names of all the police officers working with him and send to us, even take pictures of the properties they are building and its location and send to us, If you know of that nurse or doctor who sells drugs meant to be given to patients for free or instead spends all his time in his private clinic but is collecting salaries from the state, send us their names and we shall investigate, etc. Secretly take pictures, scan documents, etc of what is going on around you. Even in your office, scan documents, write about things happening, etc.

If you know of a paedophile (any adult who dates underage girls below say below 16, anyone who touches young children inappropriately, etc), document what they are used to doing and send to us. We will investigate. If you know of any teacher, who exchange marks with his students for sex, document what they are doing and send to us, if you know of that fake man of God who spends time manipulating his christians and collecting money from them, etc send us their names and we will investigate and ask questions, etc. Your little action may save a life and bring significant change to the way things work in our country.

If you are a true christian or a born again, you are supposed to be concerned about these things. Your little effort might save the life of somebody. Some cannot be working and others are focused on stealing and destroying our country.

Dr. Rexon Nting

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