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Biya Steps in: Take Federation Off Your Demands



According to unimpeachable sources, a high level delegation of Lawyers and Teachers, headed by Barrister Harmony Bobga convened in Ndawara, Boyo Division, at the legendary home of business mogul and Biya protege, Alhadji Baba.

Our concurring sources said the meeting was at the behest of President Biya who reached out to his friend Alhadji Baba. According to my sources, Alhadji Baba said that President Biya was not getting the truth from the men around him and had reached out to him so he could get to the bottom of the problems. But first, the President indicated that talk of federation had to be “off the table”.

Accompanied by France 24 because some participants “were in fear of not coming out of that fortress” alive, the lawyers and teachers maintained their demands, viz:

1) Common Law Bar;

2) Common Law Chamber at the Supreme Court;

3) Common Law School to train lawyers as well as Common Law Judges

4) Separate Education Council to take care of Southern Cameroons education from kindergarten through University;

5) Return control of entry into professional schools back to the Universities and away from the corrupt Ministry of Higher Education;

6) Return to two State Federation.

The 12 hour long session started Sunday afternoon and ended in wee hours of Monday at 2:00am, the time at which lawyers finished drafting the document that was immediately dispatched to the Presidency for translation and then forwarded to the President. The Lawyers, Teachers and Civil Society present hope to hear from the President soon.

But they made it clear, sources say, that if there is no reasonable action by the Head of State, things will move into phase three. In the meantime, talk was rife about an impending cabinet change in the wake of the monumental failure by PM Yang and the poor handling of the situation by Fame Ndongo of Education, as well as his colleagues at the Ministry of Justice and Paul Atanga.

By Innocent Chia

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