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We must not sit and watch atrocities in Southern Cameroons-UN Expert



We must not sit and watch atrocities in Cameroon

The Events in Southern Cameroon (Ambazonians) deserve an immediate, urgent and serious intervention by the African Union Peace and Security Commission as well as the United Nations Security Council.

The Cameroonian French Troops are killing innocent civilians mercilessly. They appear to have intensified the killing methods. And one wonders what their Commander in Chief President Paul Biya is doing about. He must be brought to account for the killings according to international law.

The world can not sit and watch the killings without intervention. For more than 4 years now, I have begged the world to intervene and create peace in Cameroon and give the English-Speaking country of Ambazonia their status that they got under Resolution 1608 of UN General Assembly.

Kenya, as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, must now take up the matter and ask for a cease-fire that restrain the forces from slaughtering innocent civilians because this has led to the displacement of hundreds or probably thousands, with women and children worst affected.

The USA must come in now and fulfill the promise of NO-FLY ZONE in that part of South Western Cameroon where the Yaoundé troops are killing, maiming, defiling, and raping young girls in front of their parents. Time is running out and Paul Biya must be brought to account.

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