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War in the SDF: Shadow Minister Rubbishes Joshua Osih



A few days ago, the Cameroons media reported the possible endorsement of Hon Joshua Osih as the 2018 SDF Presidential candidate. The purported reports suggested Ni John Fru Ndi will endorse Osih as the candidate. However, this has not gone down well with some party militants. Mr. Vanigansen MoChiggle, Shadow Minister for Internal Affairs, Social Democratic Front (S.D.F ) in an article titled ” REBUTTAL PROBABLE ENDORSEMENT OF HON JOSHUA OSIH AS S.D.F PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE ” denies and shames media report of any moves within the party. He wrote:

“…An online publication Cameroon Journal has asserted that an authoritative source within the S.D.F who requested anonymity hinted that there is negotiation between a so-called group of wise men of the party to cause the National Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi to ordain the party’s 1st Vice National Chairman Hon Joshua Osih as the S.D.F presumptive presidential candidate for 2018 presidential election. This story is the imagination of a news organ in search of notoriety. The organs and the structures of the party are clearly spelt in the party’s constitution. In no section of the Constitution do we have nomenclature as “wise men “.

Furthermore any serious and authoritative member of the party cannot claim such title as he exposes himself / herself to disciplinary sanctions as provided for in section 15 (d)(v) and 16 of the party constitution read together. It is forbidden to use or assume names and titles not recognized by the party. Culprits expose themselves to disciplinary sanctions. Over and above, serious party policies or decisions are not articulated on the pages of news organs.
The mechanism for choosing the party presidential candidate is stated in the party’s constitution and has been applied since the creation of the party. The S.D.F Constitution has no provisions for natural candidates, presumptive candidates nor candidates through the “lifting” of hands. Candidates for the presidential election is selected during an extraordinary party convention convened for that purpose. Currently, National Executive Committee teams are carrying out a nationwide reorganization of the basic party structures. This in line with the declaration of the national Chairman during the Silver Jubilee Celebrations. I quote, “we, therefore, call on all party members to prepare themselves…… by getting engaged in the renewal exercise which will be launched after this anniversary celebrations…… ” This regional commissions never had presidential candidates opinion survey as a term of reference. As provided for in the party’s constitution and officially declared by the National Chairman during the 26th anniversary of the party. The party will have an Ordinary Convention next year. Conventions offer occasion per excellence for the evaluation and codification of party policies. It also permits the renewal of leadership at NEC level. This issue of the presumptive candidate is a serious distraction geared to destabilize the party and news organs have been solicited for that purpose “…..the shadow minister concluded.


BaretaNews Statement

  1. Wise Men

BaretaNews notes that the SDF hierarchy nor the Honourable Joshua himself have reacted on this information. We do not yet know the place of the shadow minister in refuting allegations as these. We expected the official SDF structure in the place of the National Communication Secretary or Secretary General to have reacted to the media reports. As far as we are concerned, this is just another disgruntled militant who is worried probably for a new face within the party. More importantly, media report did not say the “group of wise” is part of the SDF structures as enshrined in their constitution. Media reports were very clear, some SDF militants decided to accord themselves a title to lobby for the Chairman’s blessing. Lobbying is very much and accepted. If a group of militants is lobbying for the Chairman to endorse their candidate, this is just fine.

  1. Election

The group did not say Osih will be appointed. The shadow minister should not be naive. The group of wise men knows very well that Osih will have to go through any other process like others to be elected as the Party’s candidate. What the group is doing is just ok. They are playing politics, lobbying for the Chairman’s blessing knowing how powerful the Chairman has become in the party. For the Shadow minister to claim that the media was talking about Osih being the natural candidate of the party is very shallow and disturbing.

The bashing from the shadow minister only goes to confirm how afraid some of the lame dog politicians within the SDF have become. They are just afraid of anything new. SDF militants, party officials should allow party politics to play. Allow people to lobby for their preferred candidates. At the end of the day, it rests on the party militants to elect their presidential candidate.

God is still saying something.

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