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Cameroun Bar Admits Francophones in NW/SW Lack Common Law Mastery




The Cameroon Bar Association is in a panic move as the Common Law Lawyers declared an imminent creation of the Common Law Bar Association. The Cameroon Bar Association in a 30th October communiqué acknowledges the injustices meted on Cameroon Common Law Lawyers. While calling on the Common Law Lawyers to resume work, the Bar Association President in parts wrote:

” NOTES WITH REGRET that the proper administration of justice in the North West and South West Regions is hampered by the presence of Judicial actors, to wit, Magistrates, Court registers and Judicial Police Officers without a mastery of Common Law tenets. Exhorts the powers that be to take into consideration the bijural nature of our country in the drafting of laws and in the administration of justice ”

However, the communiqué from the Bar Association has not been taken light from Common Law Lawyers. Barrister Odi James reacting to BaretaNews wrote:

Bar Association Communique

Bar Association Communique


“We have declared the imminent creation of the Cameroon Common Law Bar Association and now the Cameroon Bar Association (CBA) panics to request a law school that they will operate like ENAM. They say laws should be translated as though that is what the constitution says or as though we asked for laws to be translated. They say we should immediately end the “strike” and resume work as though they called for the strike. They refer in vague terms to “the powers that be” as though they don’t know it is their responsibility together with the minister of justice and the president to ensure that the fraud called the constitution should be upheld.
In short, the only thing good about that communiqué is that the CBA has admitted in writing that there is a very serious Anglophone problem. That the president and the constitutional council has been in violation of their constitution with impunity and to the detriment of only Anglophones. And that the Francophone Bar Association does not sympathise with the Anglophones populace.
We must not relent but use this communiqué to fault the ignore and nonchalant minister of justice who pretends or ignores the plight of Anglophones.
We must continue the strike and begin lobbying nationally and internationally for support. We have a lot to offer oil, timber and maritime companies. Just to name a few. We can make it on our own. CHANGE TAKES COURAGE BUT FIRST THE IDEA…”

BaretaNews hold that this issue is beyond the Cameroon Bar Association. It is now the moment for the Presidency to get involve and solve this issue once and for all. It begins with calling a constitutional conference. God bless the Common Law Lawyers.

God is still saying something.

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