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Ghost towns intensify despite fake dialogue.



Ghost towns intensify despite fake dialogue.
By Mbah Godlove

The traditional Monday ghost town operations have continued all over Ambazonia, as most denizens remained indoors praying for the God’s ordained course. In the countries capital, Buea, it’s colonial Mayor Ekema Patrick Esonge went about demolishing mobile money kiosks whose owners respected Monday, October 21st ghost town operation.


Buea Today
The slave colonial agent like many stooges of the regime had intimated that the Ambazonian spirit would die immediately the Biya dictated dialogue was going to be held. Far from their expectations, Ambazonians have continued to uphold acts of civil disobedience which they have often described as a sine qua non to further handicap the colonial regime of La Republique du Cameroun.

In the Northern Zone, streets were void of township taxes, businesses shot down and inhabitants simply remained indoors. In areas such as Ndop and Bafut, restoration fighters, sources say use the Monday ghost town to lease with locals and to get their contributions vis a vis the deepening war of independence.

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