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Penal Code Reinforces Secession Charge, 16 Leaders Arrested in Buea



penal code

Cameroon’s dictator, Paul Biya, finally promulgated into law the new penal code (Law No. 2016/007 of 12 July 2016).whose adoption by both houses of parliament received condemnation from most national stakeholders including civil society organizations, Bar Council, and protest from lawyers

Recalled that the sections which sparked widespread condemnation included granting government ministers immunity from prosecution, along with other provisions punishing rent defaulters. The presidency finally did some words changing on the immunity section.

However, the penal code adoption did go without BaretaNews looking at some provisions which caught our attention. Section 111 on secession. It reads

Section 111: Secession

(1) Whoever undertakes in whatever manner to infringe the territorial integrity of the Republic shall be punished with imprisonment for life.
(2) In time of war, or in a state of emergency or siege, the penalty shall be death.

The Government has previously been cracking down on the arrest of Southern Cameroons leaders and activists. A host of them is under detention. BaretaNews still holds the view that Secession does not hold in the Cameroons context because the union between both Cameroons is not legally bound. Cameroun cannot charge citizens of former British Southern Cameroons for secession and in no court of law when the facts are presented could Cameroun win.

On Monday 18th July, Cameroun forces cracked down on 16 Southern Cameroon’s leaders . They have been arrested and detained at the Central Police Station Buea. They include Mbua Richard, Matthias Besong, ABANG Njousi, Nke Valentine and others. Statements have been extracted from them . BaretaNews shall within the hours ahead provide details on their arrest. We of this platform condemns such an arrest of peaceful loving Southern Cameroonians whose only crime is to question the legality of this unholy union.

God is still saying something.

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