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Tapang Ivo, Cameroons Fullbright Security Analyst has called for a remark of the 2016 GCE Exams. He said so due to a purported video which shows how the marking is done. It shows how one examiner virtually did not read the scripts but offers marks. He had this to say on his Facebook post.

” OMG! I Tapang Ivo Tanku, hereby call for a remark of the GCE Exam 2016. The results, expected to be released this week, should be suspended and investigated.Watch this very short video and see how some students are deliberately failed by GCE markers who take a cursory reading of their scripts. I have established the authenticity of the video that was carefully and secretly shot by another GCE marker who could not hold back his frustration.Do you agree with me? Please share and debate wisely. All diverse opinions are well respected and must not be considered as “hate.”

However, a GCE 2016 examiner who participated in the 2016 exams Ayemeley Bethrand somewhat disagrees with Tapang’s call for a remark. He wrote:

” Ivo, I have watched that video about 3 or 4 times and i can say firstly that the video is not fake, it is indeed the GCE session 2016 because looking at that script, the flap in front and the format at which it was folded started just year which can be seen on the video, so I can confirm that the video is authentic and it is GCE A level 2016, I can say so with certainty because I am one of the examiners who marked the GCE 2016. But saying that the results should be cancelled is rather hash and an overstatement. From Video evidence, the examiner’s pen was not going through all the pages and by ethics, those scripts will come back to the chief examiner when they go for B checking, when your pen doesn’t touch the entire page showing that u have seen and read the scripts, u can not send them in for B checking, those scripts would come back and the examiner would be penalised I can assure u that. Marking is a series and systematic exercise from one stage to another which many people do not know. But I strongly say such an examiner should be jailed ”


Cameroon Anglophone Activist Mr. Ufa Ugynns resident in Belgium completely disagrees with Ivo. He wrote

“..Mind you, that video could have been made by a colleague marker to discredit another. It could have been filmed while he was doing cross-checking & totaling of marks. Several inconsistencies arise when clearly examined beginning from the intent of the author, the place, the timing, nothing seems real in the video. It will not pass the test for a credible evidence in the law courts. Some reasonable degree of speed is required of those who work when correcting scripts at the GCE Board. There’s always a target per examiner and slow ones are assisted by others. I had had time to work there and evaluate the stringency of the exercise. Though they wouldn’t be a 100% perfect, I can without any doubt say the GCE Board attains 92% rating in efficiency…”


Senior Journalist Solomon Amabo finds Tapang’s report very damaging to the most credible institution in the Cameroons. He went ahead to request Tapang to suspend his Facebook activities. He wrote ” the person who did the video could have talked to the colleague or ask what was going on. He had time to film and could not arrest a wrong doing he suspected. Stupid of him/her It is easy to destroy. Again, remember how all is being done to bring the GCE board down. and even to an extent the Registrar. Shame on the person who took the video. big coward. The GCE remains one of the credible exams in Cameroon. I advise that in all humility you withdraw for a month or two from Facebook and social media. It’s an advice from a ‘grand frere’ not a colleague. ( u even denied you are/were not a journalist) Please, i am begging of you without any offense. It’s just a thought. Take what I say very seriously. Have some rest and observe too. No offence intended. With brotherly love. Solomon…”

It is important that BaretaNews weighs in. The GCE Board is one of those living lovely institution of Anglophone Cameroon. Our parents fought hard for it and thus we must jealously protect it. However, that does not mean we cannot constructively criticize it. BaretaNews after watching the video cannot expressly say if it is the first marking or the examiner is doing a crosscheck of scripts. We go with the opinions of Solomon Amabo and Ufa Ugynns. We disapprove the call for a remark of the 2016 GCE exams just by watching this video. However, these revelations from Ivo should not be left under the bus, it is a signal for the GCE Board to investigate these claims and see if truly there is a wrong doing. Our students and children must not be seen to be treated badly by the examiners.

BaretaNews cannot however authenticate the veracity of this video at the time of publication.

God bless the GCE BOARD.

God is still saying something.

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