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Revolutionary greetings from the servants and soldiers of freedom for West Cameroon, we trust all is well with you all our heroes.

We were so angered by the cruelty and inhumane attitude with which the Yaound6 regime abused and tortured, raped and maimed our people; lawyers, students, and youths, killing some and detaining hundreds till date. We were however encouraged by the commitment and firmness of the leaders of the Common law lawyers and teachers unions to sustain their respective strike actions. Their determination to liberate West Cameroon from the oppression of La Republique, which prompted these unions to transform the problem from being that of lawyers and teachers to that of Southern Cameroon, was also motivating.

We hail all efforts in establishing the Consortium to serve as the representative and leadership body for West Cameroon in the course of this crisis and we appreciate the work the Consortium has been doing this far. It is in the spirit of taking this liberation cause to a successful end that some former student union leaders together with other youths and youth associations launched the Southern Cameroons Youths Front last Wednesday, December 14, 2016, in Bamenda, under the banner of Cameroon Youths Association.

The Youth Front seizes this opportunity to request the consortium to push forward for the total release of all Southern Cameroonians arrested and transferred to La Republique jails. This is the very essence of the strike action, jailing and trying Southern Cameroonians in a court or system which is not common law. We request that these persons be immediately transferred to common law jurisdiction and be released unconditionally as this acts violates their fundamental human rights.

The Youths Front is taking upon itself to educate, sensitize and mobilize the base and masses of the Anglophone community for the two States federation cause, and pledges it’s allegiance to the Consortium. We have embarked on a mobilization tour to all 13 divisions (counties) of West Cameroon beginning with Meme division.

Considering the unwillingness of the government to dialogue with the Anglophone leaders on the demand for a two States federation, we consider it imperative to rally the entire Anglophone community to speak with one voice and act with a common purpose so as to oblige the government and the international community to initiate dialogue. It becomes necessary for a more intense strike action that should affect the entire Anglophone community and spill over to east Cameroon, to be coordinated from January 2017.

Considering also that the youths who constitute majority of our West Cameroon population have suffered the greatest loss this far, in anger and are already calling for total independence rather than federation, and may act irrationally if no serious coordinated action is carried out by the Anglophone leadership – the Consortium, the Youth Front makes the following proposals to the Consortium, through the Youth Adviser on the Consortium Mr. Abia David;

– Creates an enlarged working team with various committees to facilitate it functioning and assert it’s authority over the Anglophone people, particularly to build a more effective communication and social welfare strategy;

– Identify key Anglophone political, religious and academic figures, trustworthy and a hundred percent with the cause (including the SCNC leaders), set up a committee to approach these figures and talk to them how to get them involved.

– Come up with a definite strategy to finance the cause on the immediate and long-term basis.

In any way the Consortium would need our assistance, we are readily available and would joyfully serve the cause always.

While praying for God’s wisdom, blessings and invisible protection on you, rest assured of our total support.

Yours Liberation Servant.
Marcel Amabo, coordinator

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