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Anglophone Nationalism Is Gathering Steam!- Former UB Student Leader



Before, this date would pass unnoticed. Today, with the passing of each day, the new nation is taking shape; a respected and rage new class of energetic, well learned, young, visionary, steadfast, patriotic and uncompromising Southern Cameroons freedom fighters and statesmen are taking root and tying a strong bond; new methods and new opportunities in liberation dynamics are being experimented and enrolled for; and the last resort is settling as the Plan A. Anglophone trade unions and syndicates have stopped their timid murmurings of denial in hideouts and are now taking the fore to call for their own nation. Graciously and gladly, many anglophones are offering themselves for arrest for the fatherland by “foreign forces”. And you have to see the recent turnout at the Southern Cameroons activists trials to understand that even the frustrated masses are picking up the momentum. In fact, time is running out.

We all know how it all started as a mere reproach. A mere “All Anglophone Conference” !
And yet, the true secessionist is the unrepentant author of all injustices in the Cameroons- the Biya and Ahidjio successive governments, together with all anglophones and francophones who are their accomplices by virtue of their complicit silence.

My message to Paul Biya is that he should refrain from dividing this nation. Paul Biya is the true secessionist of the nation ! And paradoxically, those trying to clean up the mess are the true custodians of these ruins that are left of what was once a nation.

Biya must see that his current policy towards this question is a happy nursery for its prevalence. There is no better and freer publicity to this struggle than the militarization of Anglophone regions especially on the 1st October. I confirmed this when my little niece asked me; ‘Uncle, why do we have uniform men everywhere? Are we celebrating another National Day?’ or call it “Independence Day” if you want. That is how I saw myself narrating to her the entire story of her origins, unadulterated.

Those who value this co habitation must stop Mr Biya. I conducted a pool on this wall and anglophones overwhelmingly voted for a new nation of their own. That inspired another pool on Mark Bareta’s wall and anglophones voted “yes” by newly 85%. The Guardian Post Newspaper picked up the results and reported, accordingly. Cardinal Tumi declared lately that if anglophones were to vote today, they will vote to quit the present uneasy union. So let those who still take this potential for secession lightly know that it can no longer be taken for granted.

Prof Maurice Kamto has read the letter in the envelop. Thats why in his first outing to an anglophone region, he openly acknowledged a dire anglophone problem and pleaded to be elected president to solve the problem. He promised to listen once elected. In as much as I acknowledge his audacity to embrace the truth, I insist that he must take the anglophones more seriously. He can not ask to be voted only to hear this oppressed people out (giving that he can even hear them out while on seat and decide that their preoccupations are without any merit). If he cannot hear them well enough as a vying candidate, then it is his problem of poor-two-way traffic of information flow to solve. If he is still to hear them out- and only when he becomes President- then he is already inadvertently confessing his disconnection from grass root realities. Anglophones are very serious and intelligent people. They will never elect you for the “audience”, only. They can tell a political posture that has played out only as an endeavor made in a desperate attempt to be political correct only. They will vote proposed solutions that are an adequate response to hard problems. And the truth is that only the virus itself can be used to create the vaccine, as usual.Only an anglophone can be used to arrest the collapse and 2018 will mark the end of regular time.

If your eye causes you to sin, plug it off ! If your ear causes you to sin, cut it off. If Biya is bringing this collective living to an end, through him out of the boat like Jonah. Dialogue, and only dialogue ! A word to a wise, is sufficient !

Angelbert Nde
Former UB Student Leader

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