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Cameroun Military Guns Down Mad Man in Esu



mass murder scheme in ambazonia

Cameroun Military Guns Down Mad Man in Esu


The brutal army of La Republique du Cameroun, LRC has once again gunned to death two people in Esu, including a man with mental impairment.

Following a 13-hour frustrating confrontation with Restoration fighters in the area on Thursday August 22, the Biya agents opened fire on the two ordinary Ambazonians.

The man with mental impairment whose name BaretaNews got as Chi Venacious Okar, was brutally murdered in his 40’s.

Before pouncing on the civilians, the LRC military indulged in a severe gun battle exercise with pro independece fighters who recorded no casualty.

Esu is a village in Foundong Local Government Area, LGA, Menchum County of Southern Cameroons’ northern zone.

Locals told BaretaNews that the area has been under the high command of Restoration fighters since President Paul Biya waged war on Ambazonia in 2017.

Meanwhile, Okar is not the first person with mental disability whose breath has been ceased by the La Republique army.

Similar cases have occurred in Ekona, Muea (Fako County) and Bawum (Bafut LGA, Mezam County).

By Sumelong Ekane


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