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French Cameroun Global Stage Blunder: No Amount Of Regrets To Cover Truth



French Cameroun Global Stage Blunder: No Amount Of Regrets To Cover Truth.

By Mbah Godlove

Although French Cameroun nationals continue to pure out frustration and regrets over the countries blunder in Washington DC recently, almost nothing can be done to wipe out the scares of the disgusting outing.

On Saturday December 17, A video tape of president Paul Biya, 89, surfaced on social media in which he appeared to have completely lost his memory.

In the video, he is heard asking his body guard what is on going despite being introduced to mount the stage at the recently concluded U.S Africa summit.

The video which is currently attracting much debate comes at a time when supporters of the ones strong man are claiming that he is still the one in control of the country.

Judging from the old man’s posture in the video, many French Camerounians have now be wandering who could really be at the helm of the state.

So too are Ambazonians across the board thinking that an external hand might have been responsible for the carnage in Ambazonia and not dictator Paul Biya.

The decision to or not to continue having such disgraceful moments how ever rest on the people of French Cameroun.

They could choose to kick him out or let him be an continue to disgrace them at the global stage as it was the case in the U.S.

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