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US State Department Faults LRC Military in Viral Video, Calls For Investigations And Sanctions









The United States Department has issued a rare public rebuke of La Republique Du Cameroun-LRC military actions regarding the video showing the extrajudicial killings of two women and an infant by the rogue elements of Cameroun army as well as the grave lack of due process by the so-called professional Cameroun armed service personnel. This is coming at a time the US ambassador to Cameroun had accused the Cameroun government for carrying out targeted killings, gross human rights violations in Southern Cameroons as the army is currently engaging with civilian fighters in what Southern Cameroonians preferred to call as Restoration Forces.

In the press release published on July 16, 2018 by the spokesperson of U.S. State Department, Heather Nauert stated that the United States government is ”gravely concerned” by the content of that recent video with men donning military-style uniforms boldly aiming their guns at two women and a child while firing live rounds at them.

The video drew the ire and attention of the international community as well as the media, Amnesty International, human rights organizations who’ve collectively attributed the actions to the military of LRC. La Republique’s Communications Minister, Issa Tchiroma had earlier dismissed all claims in the video as ”fake news” and tried linking the soldiers shown in the video to belong to a corps within the Malian army. Worthy to note is that the Malian government recently rebuked such claims insisting that such a barbaric act was never done in their country(

The colonial president Paul Biya, whose efforts and misguided aim to gain favours from Western capitals as he mulls his run for a seventh term in office, has ordered an investigation to be launched but like many other probes in the past, their findings will never be made public and that will be the end of it.

The US State Department went on to urged the government of La Republique Du Cameroun to ”thoroughly and transparently” investigate events depicted in that video, make its findings known to the public and dish out punitive measures to the soldiers involved in the extrajudical killings without any due process. It also requested Yaounde to uphold its international obligations, commitments to protect human rights and promote accountability.

Neba Benson,

BaretaNews Foreign Correspondent/Analyst



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