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Poll: Clinton Slumps, Trump Gains



The latest Rasmussen poll released on Thursday 10th August 2016 showed that Clinton’s big “bump” in the polls after the Democrat National Convention has all but dissipated, with her only holding a three-point lead over Trump nationally, 43 – 40 percent.

The poll also showed some great concern regarding Hillary’s health as American voters demanding the release of the presidential candidates’ recent medical records for the public to see could be a factor in their decisions.

According to the Rasmussen Reports poll, some 59 percent of respondents said all major party presidential candidates should release at least their most recent medical report to the public, up considerably from just 38 percent in 2014. Only 30 percent thought a candidate’s medical records should remain private with 11 percent being undecided on the issue.

Surprisingly, when those numbers were broken down by party affiliation, it was the Democrat-leaning respondents who were more inclined to want medical records publicized instead of Republicans, 62 – 58 percent. Some 57 percent of unaffiliated or independent voters wanted the records made public as well- reports the conservative tribune, USA.

BaretaNews notes that Donald Trump keeps gaining grounds from last week where polling showed Clinton leading Trump with over 10 points difference.

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