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UN Gives Southern Cameroonians leeway to independence.



Following the United Nations pronouncement in Cameroon on Wednesday 12th April that UN cannot interfere in Cameroon concerning Federalism, Mr. Daniel Kuper, a fervent follower of BaretaNews had this to say:

The endgame of this struggle is a UN-supervised REFERENDUM. Nothing more nothing less. Like it or not, the UN cannot give Southern Cameroonians federalism or Independence. However, Southern Cameroonians can force the UN to recognize their right of self-determination. The civil disobedience is an effective weapon to achieve that. After the UN have recognized this right they will then accept to supervise a free and fair Referendum. The truth of the matter is that LRC does not want even to hear the word “federation”, let alone independence.

The solution of our marginalization can therefore not come from LRC. LRC wants to maintain the Status quo with cosmetic measures such as the commission on bilingualism, etc. Dialogue according to LRC is for Southern Cameroonians to accept the “one and indivisible” form of the state of LRC.

The endgame of a referendum is achievable because history has proven that the Slogan of a ” ONE AND INDIVISIBLE COUNTRY ” is a myth.

The “ruling elite” in Cameroon is not the first to claim that the Country will remain “one and indivisible”. Many dictators before Biya have only used such slogans to cling to power. Permit me to cite a few of them:

1. Dictator Josef Wissarionowitsch Stalin vowed that the Soviet Union will remain “one and indivisible” ad infinitum. However, the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 resulted in the creation of 15 independent countries.
2. Dictator Josip Broz Tito promised that Yugoslavia will remain “one and indivisible” forever. Today we know that he was only daydreaming
3. Dictator Umar al-Baschir swore that Sudan was “one and indivisible”. Today we know that he was simply playing to the gallery.
4. Dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam pledged that Ethiopia will remain “one and indivisible”. Today Eritrea is an independent country
5. Dictator Edvard Beneš swore that Czechoslovakia will remain “one and indivisible”. Today there are the Czech Republic and Slovakia as independent countries
6. General Suharto vowed that Indonesia will remain “one and indivisible “. However, today East Timor is an independent state.
7. etc.

Southern Cameroonians should, therefore, ignore the fear mongering of Agents of LRC that more blood will be spilt if we want to separate from Biya’s so-called “one and indivisible” LRC. The truth of the matter is that the BIR of LRC can NEVER EVER maintain LRC “one and indivisible”. The Soviet Union was the second most powerful nation in the world but she disintegrated into 15 independent states.

The only guarantee for a “one and indivisible” Cameroon is the dismantling of the SYSTEMIC marginalization of the minority Anglophones.

Southern Cameroonians MUST, therefore, continue with the civil disobedience and even intensify it until the UN recognizes our right of self-determination by accepting to supervise a REFERENDUM.


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