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Did Akere Muna just throw Big Bro, Ben Muna, under the Bus?








Even before he has been invested with an iota of political or military power, Barrister Akere Muna, Wannabe President of #ColonialCameroun, is already doing something even his father did not do. He is trying his hand at revisionism and is flat out accusing Ambazonians who acted on some level of advice from his own elder brother as being terrorists.

In a brief video doing its rounds on WhatsApp, Barrister Akere Muna is suggesting with a straight face that the Ambazonia struggle somehow did not start until 1996. It happens to be the year when (as Akere Muna claims), he wrote the very first document in its favor. The reference is to the open letter he wrote to his Francophone brother. Never mind that elsewhere, the learned lawyer thinks no one should take 1961 as a reference point for the history of annexation and recolonization of Ambazonia.

It would seem that on account of that obviously revolutionary, earth-shattering open letter to his Francophone brother, Akere Muna says he paid a price. Gendarmes, he says, labeled him a terrorist during questioning. Notice that he only got questioned. He was not roughed up; not beaten; not arrested; not tortured; definitely not jailed or even detained!

Barrister Akere Muna says of those Ambazonians who favor a boycott of the colonial brainwashing under LRC occupation that the Biya regime abusively calls education that they are no different from those #BokoHaram terrorists. Akere Muna says Ambazonians who back the school boycott are no different from those who strap children with explosives and blow them up to make a political statement.

If Akere Muna could only look into the mirror of recent history. If he did, he would have seen a certain Barrister Benard Muna applauding Ambazonians for initiating and sustaining the same school boycott. Drunken political ambition is leading “smol broda” Akere into hauling his own big bro under the bush.

If Akere Muna looked straight into the mirror, he would not be asking or wondering why the poor suffer while the rich walk free. If he looked into the mirror, he would have seen in his own eyes the answer to that question.

This is not new. It is more of the same. Poor Ambazonians suffered to pay the taxes with which the politically powerful and rich Munas raised and educated their children abroad, while the intelligent, not-so-connection children of the poor languished in third-rated schools. Poor Ambazonians sweated for West Cameroon to build up a network of hotels that ended up as private property of families like the Munas. Nothing has changed.

The poor and brave Ambazonians like Mancho Bibixy have been thrown in jail and have been charged with terrorism, while the rich sons of Muna and others, apparently equally guilty of the same according to the very learned Akere Muna, either walk free or run for the top job in #ColonialCameroun.

Come to think of it… Why did poor Senator Penn Terrence get slammed over a decade in prison? Why did the kangaroo Military Court of Dictator Biya slam poor Lobte Jacob with 11 years in prison only today? Why did poor Baying Eugene and Numfor Godlove each get a dozen years in prison on trumped-up terrorism charges? Why did the poor Tayo Livite, Wirba Bruno and Nyuyforan Eugene get 13 years each, while the rich sons of blue collar criminals walk free?

Presidential Wannabe Akere Muna is the reminder, if any was still needed, that the poor and oppressed Ambazonian must push on with the revolution… The time has come when the Ambazonian people must Live Free or Die. Akere Muna won’t appreciate this, but Ambazonians will not allow the rich, the powerful and the well connected to continue to misrule and colonize us forever.

Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)
Spokesperson, MoRISC

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