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This Generation Is Wiser: The Struggle Continues



Open message to the UNO, AU, EU and LRC on the Anglophone question: To solve a problem you must first understand the problem. So let me help you.

The question generally referred to in diplomatic circles as the “Southern Cameroons question” has since the past 6 months stopped to be just a “struggle against marginalization”:

With the passing of time and worsening conditions of living of our people, It has now evolved to a full-fledged ideology for the total restoration of Southern Cameroons statehood.

Therefore, any attempt either by the Government of LRC to apply solutions or the international community to solve the problem must take into full account the real nature of the problem at hand now.

Further, Southern Cameroons also demands the Internet be restored as a matter of human right and not as a matter of favor.

SC equally wants dialogue but not without the presence of an international body or third party. Before such dialogue could take place, LRC must first release all leaders and Southern Cameroonians caged in private and public prisons without conditions as a show of good-faith.

It is important for you to also know that only the leaders in jail have the mandate of the people to dialogue or negotiate on behalf of SC. Any other persons with whom you may have dealings in this matter who have not been duly authorized or recognized by SC will be counter productive.

Now that you know the real problem, it is our strongest wish that solutions that you apply fall in line with the strongest desires of the people of SC if you mean well.

Let me make this last point even abundantly clear; the people of Southern Cameroons to whom the UN granted independence in 1961 are totally different from today’s generation that lives the experience of such independence.

This generation is wiser. This generation has come of age and is determined never to be dealt with again as second-class humans or without the least consideration for human dignity.

That’s why the struggle continues!

(Dr. David Makongo)

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