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UN Delegation To Attend Trial as Activists Petitions UN.



Activists: Some Cameroonians who were arrested on July 17, 2016, for having a peaceful meeting will be appearing in Court on July, 19th 2016. Some of them are known to be activists of the Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC. Their appearance came after it has suffered two adjournments from 26th and 27th July to now 19th August. The activists in detention are said to include: Shey Alfred Sembe, Fokum Andrew, Moto James, Njousi Abang David, Chief Ekane Ivoson Maths, Bissong Mathias Arrey, Tabot James Arrey, Tebot Titanji Christian, Mokube Alus Ngoe (said to be blind), Nke Valentine, Tonjoh Peter Fehbi, Asoh Cletus, Mbua Richard, and Check Nyah.

In a detailed hand written letter from Buea prison addressed to the former SG at the United Nations (UN) Koffi Annan, who has become a strong advocate for marginalized people across the world, partly reads

“We write to draw your attention to the fact that Cameroon continues to arrest and torture Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) members in spite international pressure and legal counsel to the contrary. This in no way is provoking the SCNC to adopt violent reactions so that they can blacklist SCNC as a terrorist organization. For 55 years, advocates of the Southern Cameroons independence have been killed, maimed, imprisoned unlawfully, raped and robbed of their basic human rights and their right to a sovereign homeland.”

scnc letter 1 scnc letter 2


It should be recalled that when Koffi Annan visited Cameroon some decades ago as SG UN, he advised Biya to dialogue with the Southern Cameroons leaders. Biya till date has not yielded to such advice. Even the Banjul verdict has not been respected by Biya. BaretaNews understands the reason these persecuted Southern Cameroonians wrote to Koffi Annan was because he understands the history of the Southern Cameroons struggle and could use his advocacy in a non-political manner to help the Southern Cameroons struggle.


The letter from the detained activists seems to have bared some fruits. The most widely read and authoritative English daily Newspaper in the Cameroons in their Friday, August 12th edition is reporting that a delegation of United Nation will be present at the hearing of Southern Cameroons activist in Buea. This is a major twist in the case pitted between these activists against La Republique Du Cameroun



BaretaNews maintains that the people of Southern Cameroons have a legitimate right to self-determination


God is still saying something.

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