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Nico Halle Apologises To Common Law Lawyers: SAYS KAMENI SPOKE FOR HIMSELF



It has been an interesting two weeks since Cameroon Common Law Lawyers have been protesting. Though the Government is still to react formally to their complaints, Barrister Kameni John, representative of Cameroon Bar Association President to the South West Province hurriedly sent out a communique distancing the Bar Association from the Lawyers’ protest. This prompted the North West Lawyers’ Association President Barrister Bobga to resign as a representative to the Bar Association President.

Just some few hours ago, Common Law Lawyers sent out a communique announcing an indefinite strike action. It seems this is getting into the skin of the Bar Association President. He has just sent out a disclaimer dishing off Barrister Kameni and said Barrister Kameni spoke on his own accord and not the Bar Association.

BaretaNews reaches out to all Lawyers to continue being resolute because Unity pays. The Anglophone people are with you. All English Media are with you and most importantly, BaretaNews is a friend and partner.

The statement as released by Barrister Nico Halle is below. Read on:

“..Reaching to the request of a few of my colleagues of the Bar Association, I take the liberty to present our apologies to all Common Law Advocates following the Communique sent out by my South West Representative purportedly stating that the General Assembly of the Bar Association dissociates itself from the pacific hanging of robes organised by some Anglophone colleagues. This, in reality, was not the case as it was a personal message of Barrister KAMENI John and not coming from the President of the General Assembly.

However, Barrister KAMENI John had rectified the message and I had considered it closed. I am therefore surprised that this is coming up again.



On the heels of the above, we wish to present our apologies on behalf of Barrister KAMENI John.

Nevertheless, I rest attached to the values of peace and the respect for dissenting opinions in the face of all situations if we are Democrats

Done in Douala on the 20th October 2016.

Nico Halle

President-General Assembly

Cameroon Bar Association

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