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Douala Federalism Rally Must Hold- Hon.Nintcheu, SDF MP



The Divisional Officer for Douala V sub-division, Tchakui Noundie Jean Marie, has in a decision issued Friday February 24, proscribed the holding of a grand rally of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, which was planned for Saturday March 4, in Douala.

The public manifestation which the SDF announced last week was meant to sensitize Cameroonians on issues related to federalism and national unity. The statement banning it did not cite any particular reasons as to why the rally is prohibited. However, the Divisional Officer made it known that the decision was taken in a bid to maintain public order in his area of command.

While urging the SDF to strictly respect the ban, the Divisional Officer equally instructed the Commissioner of the 7th district police station and the Commander of the Gendarmerie brigade in Bepanda to ensure the proper execution of the decision.

Contacted by the Cameroon Journal today to react to the decision by the D.O, SDF Member of Parliament, Jean Michel Nintcheu, main organizer of the rally, described the ban as a “non-event”, insisting the get-together must take place as planned.

The lawmaker, who is equally Littoral SDF Regional president, said going by the 1990 law on public gatherings, the D.O has no powers to ban such a rally. He said, they only declared the holding of the rally and were not applying for any authorization from the civil administrator.

The outspoken Nintcheu was emphatic that the ban, to them, remains illegal. He questioned why the D.O did not, in his decision, state clearly why he had to ban the rally.

“I am sure you have come across the decision banning the rally. Did you anywhere on that decision see him mentioning why we should not hold the rally? To us, the decision is illegal and we must hold the rally as planned.” Nintcheu told our reporter.

As if to say the ban means nothing to them, Nintcheu told The Cameroon Journal on phone that they are rather intensifying preparations ahead of the rally.

“Just this morning (Monday Feb. 27), we held a meeting in Douala to see how we can organize a smooth and successful rally. We are currently mobilizing militants from across the Littoral Region and beyond to take part in the rally,” Nintcheu said.

By Mua Patrick
Culled from CJ

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