Transforming Dane Guns Into Sophisticated Machines Is An Urgency-Acting President Sako

Acting President Dr. Samuel Sako writes:

Fellow Ambazonians,

I am well aware of the state of our revolution, particularly the dynamics on the ground. I wish to tell you that I am not only aware but I am tactically involved. We have all seen with our own eyes the escalating monstrous outrage of the evil colonial regime in recent days. We have seen how in desperation, they have escalated arson on our villages and houses. We thought burning of people in homes would be the height of it, they have now extended to the destruction of our health facilities.

Stunned and exhausted, but yet living, some of you have had to deal with the intense grieving for either the lost of loved ones, valuables, hard earned property and the deprivation of your basic rights of existence among others. I understand your pain.

Everyday and every night, I feel you as you grieve. We all do our own fair share of grieving as we battle with the terrorist forces of occupation. As I meditate daily since Biya declared the war upon us, observing and strategizing, the essence of our freedom engulfs me. That’s why I would love you to understand that grieving is a natural response to loss, but that should not outweigh our drive to finish this course in due time.

I understand we all experience grief differently; there is actually no right or wrong way. That’s why I have come today with a heavy heart, feeling the frustration as a result of the recent arson, torture and murder in Bui, in Kumba and some other parts of the national territory.

Yes the pain is enormous, but we must revive ourseleves at every given time, shake off the pains, wipe up the tears and honour our brave heroes by continuing the challenge to complete what they sacrificed their lives for.

This is a time for us to stretch even to our widest extremes and show some love to all those of our people on GZ that have been paralyzed by some of these unfortunate circumstances.

A war situation has never been a comfortable situation. Even as our people on Ground Zero, go to bed without being sure if they will see the next day, our boys raking the dark equatorial forests to continously defend homeland and ensure safety of our vulnerable people, so shall we in the diaspora continue to back them up with our financial involvement. Let’s not stop giving until victory is ours.

My dear people,

On behalf of this Interim Government, I call on you all, sons and daughters of this great nation to reachout to the Department Health Social Services-HSS, all the organizations catering for IDPs and refugees, and also make urgent efforts to refurbish the Kumba hospital as well as other health institutions razed down by soldiers loyal to the Biya regime. Health is wealth, it is our collective pain, it shall be our collective Victory.

I encourage LGA/County representatives to support any fund drives to support in rebuilding of the Kumba hospital and other health facilities affected so far. We must accelerate the investment phase of the Amba Peace Plan where project KA94 is activated. As a matter of urgency we must transform dane tools into sophisticated machines.

Lest I forget, there is no mountain race organized by this Interim Government at this time. Any foreign nationals attending such an event organized by our colonizers within the territory of Ambazonia, do so at their own peril.

Long live Ambazonia
Short live the war.

God Bless You!
And May God bless the Federal Republic of Ambazonia!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. bonnie

    February 22, 2019 at 4:44 PM

    Our AIP has spoken!no time for backwardness,forward ever, all patriotic Ambazonians in this revolution must contribute in their own way positively, enough of name calling,insulting individuals and groups,washing dirty linens in public,we must be proud of our Anglo Saxon heritage of patriotism,bravery, Justice,Care and Compassion in the communities,Peers respect & each other, voice out Constructive criticism,resolve matters confidentially,stop the abuse of live shows on social media for egoistic purposes,call,reach out,email fellow compatriots during crises,malpractices,and unwelcoming actions,bring,share solutions with peers, unity cannot be forces yet groups should work for the common goal of fighting and targeting frecnh Cameroon the enemy only, group individuals should collaborate for positive information sharing but still work independently (not all siblings get on in a family)no accusation of one group carrying bad actions on ground zero on social media, it’s just common sense to protect your own,you condemn real Amba boys on ground zero, you condemn the entire people of Ambazonia,Ambazonian activists have the power to stop these madness of disunity, those insults people during life shows be Block to discourage others,Long live Ambazonia!

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