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Toothless Peter Esoka Fears Vision 4, Turns To Hot Cocoa Bamenda To Show Power







Toothless Peter Esoka Develops Baby Tooth to Bite Pidgin News Journalist in Bamenda.

La Republique du Cameroun’s (LRC) Colonial agent and slave, Peter Esoka, who is the toothless and ridiculed President of the National Communications Council (NCC) of LRC, has developed a baby tooth to bite a Pidgin-English news broadcaster of Radio Hot Cocoa in Bamenda, Southern Cameroons. The colonial agent, led a delegation to Bamenda, the headquarters of the Northern zone of Ambazonia, on Tuesday 23th January 2017, to effectively enforce a three months suspension of Peter Tebid Chi and his Pidgin-English News Program, which runs on weekdays, from 4-5pm on Radio Hot Cocoa.

Esoka’s victim, Tebid Chi, popularly known as Mac Chi, is suspended for a period of three months, for allegedly violating the ethics of the journalism profession.

However, the decision suspending the said journalist, as reported by Cameroon Concord, has not gone down well with most press men and women, who have vocally protested it, including the fans and listeners of radio show in the Northern zone of Ambazonia. They accused Esoka and his NCC for seeing the Southern Cameroons media, as a cheap target, where they can exercise their already rubbished authority.

Remember that, a journalist of Vision 4 television in LRC’s capital, Yaoundé, Ernest Obama who was dismissed from the profession, and his other colleague suspended by same NCC of Peter Esoka, are still working in same tv station unperturbed, even as we write. Worst of all is that, their talkshow; Tour d’Horizon, which was also suspended by the chicken NCC, is still running, with the said Ernest Obama and his cohorts becoming even more hateful and pungent in their utterances against the entire people of Southern Cameroons.

They see themselves as powerful and untouchable journalists and first class citizens who work for the big gongs of the colonial regime, and possibly too, belong to their “sodomic” societies where diapers have replaced their boxers.

Esoka, who lives right in their nostrils (Yaoundé), has not deemed it necessary to pay Vision 4 a visit to enforce his suspension decision and if possible shut down the tv station till further notice. He and his compromised team are only quick to travel from LRC to their colonial territory of Ambazonia (another country) to enforce a similar suspension of a journalists, who is only representing the true voices of his colonially caged people.

BaretaNews, challenges Mr. Peter Esoka and his NCC, to prove the people of Ambazonia wrong. He should proof that, his colonial NCC, is not a toothless commission, that only develops a baby tooth to bite the weak, subjugated, harried and suppressed press in Southern Cameroons.

So long as he cannot enforce his suspension order on Vision 4 tv and its obstinate journalists, he (Esoka), remains a colonial remote control, being used to teleguide, manipulate, intimidate and shut up an Ambazonian free Press.

The NCC cannot continue to haunt the Southern Cameroons press, while four colonial government ministers sit on the set, discussing with supposedly dismissed and suspended journalists, who have stubbornly and boldly rejected the decision of the so-called watchdog of the press. Their rejection of Esoka’s punishment was not done through any official or formal means, but through vituperations on television airwaves, monitored across the globe.

It is time time stakeholders of the Southern Cameroons Press organs met and sent a clear message to the colonial agent Peter Esoka. At a time when the people of Ambazonia expect them (Amba Press organs) to defend their interests against a rampaging and genocide inciting LRC press, they cannot afford to sit and watch all of their colleagues being gagged by some colonial institution called NCC.

If they believe we are in a revolution, where Ambazonians must defend their interest or die, then they must take it as a necessary and burdensome responsibility to immediately and decisively act on this encroaching killer of a Southern Cameroons free Press.

BaretaNews continues to wait to see how Esoka’s NCC handles Vision 4 tv as they proceed with their genocidal driven speeches, as the revolution progresses. We also continue to watch and see how the Ambazonian Media stakeholders protect their voices from being buried by the so-called NCC at this critical moments.

BaretaNews, has deliberately decided to be hard on the colonial agent and baby tooth President of the NCC, Peter Esoka. If he feels offended, he can as well extend his responsibilities to the World Wide Web and shut down BaretaNews. The blockade of BaretaNews website in the Cameroons is not enough. They can do better.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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