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The Richness of Southern Cameroons and the looting of SONARA




The guy who claims to be Paul Biya’s first son Georges Gilbert Baongla (who is rumored to laying the ground work to run as an Independent Candidate and replace his father as President of Cameroon in 2018) rubbishes Government Ministers, Parliamentarians and other senior CPDM militants for bilking SONARA (in Milliards) for their selfish interests. He claims (with supporting documentation to justify his assertions that the Cameroon Pipeline is exposed to hazardous conditions like an attack from Terrorists (for example) because it is guarded by a small inconsequential “Fly by Night” Security company (that does not even have batons to chase away a fly) owned by a Government Minister. His own Beti brothers are not left out in his “Tell All” outburst. He further claims that in that amarda of high crimes against the State (of southern Cameroons) are the President of National Assembly, Ministers, other Hausa and Bamileke regime dignitaries. He calls it “Organized Mafia of a dimension not even seen in movies” around SNH, SONARA, SCDP and all others involved in the Petroleum sector including the very lucrative Transportation and sub-contracting SONARA deals that his father (the current President) knows absolutely nothing about. The Southern Cameroonians simply become pawns in a web of intrigue and scheming not knowing exactly what is going on around them while thieves come in, sign deals and fatten their bank accounts in millions of dollars.

I have been saying this for the longest time: The key for Southern Cameroonians emancipation will start and end with the control of our Natural Resources. (Mentchum Waterfalls, Tourism, Buea Mountain, Sonara, Natural Mamfe landscape, Timber, CDC, Tole, Ndian plantations, Yoke, Jutissa, Ngie Wild Life Parks, Alahbukam Gold mines, Lake Pinyin and much more). Southern Cameroons can and will be able to sustain itself.
Think about it: Mentchum Falls alone if well canalized and developed can provide electricity to the whole of West and Central Africa (by all credible analysis).

The North West Province alone is an agricultural untapped oasis & Eldorado once we do away with all those poisoned Eucalyptus implanted by the French in our territory for their SONEL use. Those who have visited Wum, Befang,Kejem Keku, Ndop, Fundong, Jakiri, Nkambe, Batibo, Widikum, Awing, Santa Njong (like me) know exactly what I am talking about. For other researchers, dig deep in your faculties to try to understand why Lake NYOS was bombed by foreign powers. Southern Cameroons is a very RICH soon to be country. Talking about Electricity generation, Nigeria alone with a population of almost 170 million people can sustain our folks for the next 100 years if we put the right people in the right place to the the JOBS they are trained for and pay the commensurate salaries. I think the FRENCH know exactly what they stand to loose; hence their high handedness in using their Military to squash any dissenting voices from Southern Cameroons.

Herewith a bunch of francophone guys and UDC Senator Ms Ndam Njoya (the wife of Party owner Foumban Mayor Adamou Ndam Njoya) discussing about a Southern Cameroonian Refinery with not a single opinion or input from anyone from Southern Cameroons. Ask anyone who claims to be a so-called SC CPDM apparatchik, if they know exactly what is going on in Cameroon with the mostly francophone “Elites” stealing our monies with brazen impunity. While the recording might be a few months old, it was News to me. I don’t know what the President’s son hopes to achieve (in his 2018 purported Presidential bid) by exposing these humongous theft by many government officials but it takes some amount of guts and courage to do so in front of a National Television. He even ended by challenging those he accused with “Ils ne peuvent rien me faire. J’ai des documents accablants en mains. Je ne parle pas en tant que fils du President. Je suis in citoyen a part entiere et je ne peux pas laisser qu’on lynche mon pere alors qu’il ne maitrisse pas les contours de cette mafia dangereuse”. No more no less.
And so, the 2018 Bafia Dance to replace tonton le President has just started.
Un seul mot!!! You be the judge.

By Lucas Fon

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