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The Idea Of A Government Was A Mistake, Do Not Defend A Lie





Fellow Ambazonians

Good afternoon. Few days ago I made two important live shows and I now understand some have not felt good as truth seems too bitter to swallow especially as enemies of our revolution are giving their own angle from the videos, a situation we cannot help. Let me again be a little bit clearer, maybe the videos were not clear enough. Take note that the positions herein are mine. You do not have to agree with it but I shall exercise my right to preach it, defend it as hard as possible.

On June 14th, 2019, I ran a pool on Baretanews Facebook page for a week asking Ambazonians if at this stage of the revolution, a government is really matters after seeing all we saw or a Revolutionary Council. 79 percent of Ambazonians who voted said a Revolutionary Council is ideal. A week after on June 21st, another pool was made on what to do with the IG, because the IG can’t just go like that. 67 percent of Ambazonians who voted said the IG should transform to a movement known as Ambazonia Authority just like we have the Palestinian authority. It should be recalled that before making these pools , I have been struggling with the thoughts of having a Government in the revolution for a long time. I have read books, history and it is not historically founded. Yes, majority of the people then wanted a government including me first and foremost because we needed to just break away from anything Cameroun so embracing something we call ours was too easy and convenient.

Almost all other front line movements have argued against having a government in a revolution. And they have done so fiercely, this is not the first time. Hon Wirba declaration that the idea of forming a government was our major mistake further confounded my thoughts and brought me to reality.

If those who manned the IG are sincere, they will tell you that in most of their diplomatic outreach and many persons they have met, they have been told that forming a government was wrong and largely limited the IG which like the South Africa ANC is the largest and most followed movement and it limits foreign governments as well as other institutions with interacting with IG. It is so because these governments still have diplomatic relationship with Cameroun. Diplomats and foreign governments have told them this over and over. They know I am talking the truth. This is the most reason Dr. Sako took the IG and joined the SCLC unitary platform despite opposition from some of his members such as Chris Anu. In a normal sense you should ask, why should a government join a group platform? It is because Sako et al knows what they have been told about governments now and I know it. They do not just know how to go about transforming the IG fearing how Ambazonians will react.

So based on all these described above, it changed my thoughts and I now believe that the idea of forming a government was a huge mistake and anyone defending it now is a defending a lie.

In my two last videos I made it clear to Ground zero Forces, our heroes, some of whom have been hugely affected by politics in the diaspora not to defend anything Government or leaders in the diaspora. I told them to fight and die for Ambazonia and the flag they truly believe and not to die protecting or defending a leader or government because you will be defending a lie. Yes, I asked them to unite themselves into a Council and make decisions for themselves. We can only have a true government in the diaspora when we have a host country. So the groups can work towards that, when there is a host country, a government can be formed. Anything short from that is a lie and I am not changing from that.

It is surprising that many people who truly understood my videos are taking it out of context. Mark did not say fighting for Ambazonia was a lie. A government is not the same as the country we are fighting for. What Mark said is not new. You have been told over and over by many others. In my last show, I called on Sisiku to transformed that IG into a movement and operate from there. It’s not about Sako or Yerimah faction.

My last advice to Ground zero forces. Do not argue over a virtual government. I have been informed about some fighters arguing about the so called government. Do not protect or defend a lie in the name of the government. Do not die for a government and it’s politics because many ground zero forces have gone as a result of diaspora politics. This is the truth I said in my videos and anyone saying otherwise is as well a political liar.

Ground Zero forces you alone have the power. At this Revolutionary stage your allegiance is for the flag and not a government, groups or leaders. This means that in being apolitical, if you have your Council that brings in all Defense Forces and their commanders or Generals on ground zero, whatever came from the diaspora as instructions, you can sit in your Council, debate it on the merits and demerits of it and if such moves honours the flag and take the revolution ahead, you should implement it no matter which group or area it comes from. This way, you make your self independent and diaspora groups have no choice than to unite and work on diplomacy because you effectively make diaspora to be focus and no one carries on his or her head about controlling groups on the ground.

Ground zero forces you can do it, unite and institute a tax system that funds the revolution to the end. This way you get the opportunity to arrest kidnapping and those doing that. Ground zero will be happy and that’s how we win. Diaspora can continue their funding through counties. This only increases your finance pool and make life better.

In fact we must continue funding because it’s our duty.

Mark Bareta

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  1. Mukong

    July 31, 2019 at 11:03 PM

    Mark in your video you basically expanded on a point that was raised by Hon. Wirba. I guess the issue many including myself have with is how you came across being condescending to the defenders of the homeland. You have to realize that how you talk to people matter a lot. You can have a good idea and how you deliver the idea can either have a positive or negative effect. Eric Tatar had succinctly express this point when he said that “A father who saw his son playing football with other kids and decided to bark orders to the child to stop the football match and go run an errand will be in for a rude awakening. On the contrary, if the father were to tell the child politely to run the errand after the football match, the child’s response will be very very favorable to his father”.
    We are a cultured people and the sooner we eliminate this thuggish LRC culture that some of us have cultivated during this fifty-seven years and counting, the better for all of us.
    The Defenders of the homeland have continuously paid the ultimate price against the barbaric onslaught from LRC, so they deserve our empathy and respect.

    • Jon

      August 1, 2019 at 5:42 AM


      Our poor and uneducated (or poorly educated) brethren were lied to over and over and over and brainwashed, and many have lost their lives for nothing. NO INDEPENDENCE! It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for “ambazonia” to have independence. Their deaths are being used by ASYLUM SEEKERS in England like Wirba, a runaway.

      The desire for SECESSION is nothing NEW. There are more than 8000 Ethno-Cultural Groups in the world with many independent movements (like ambazonia) demanding their homelands to be recognised as countries. Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, said that “if every region had its way, the EU would be unmanageable”.

      Why was Wirba not willing to pay the ultimate price against the barbaric onslaught from LRC? So he DOES NOT DESERVE OUR EMPATHY AND RESPECT according to you.

      • jon

        August 1, 2019 at 11:39 AM

        jon you are the biggest joke of the century. i just wasted my time and data watching what i cant call a video or and audio (that is a debate for IT savvies)! you take a video clip, cut a few seconds and then preach a 23 minutes sermon about the few words with muted background images. the author of the video has explained his stance and i guess it will be a lie to you Mr Know-All. ignorance is the biggest curse you inherited big fool!
        some how you try to take credits for something you know nothing about. insults, grammar, and spelling is all you know and i suggest you invest your time expanding your vocabulary because i see you are getting capped there!
        every thing to you is a lie. maybe the Cameroonian government and tax system is a lie and scam, because a single minister steals billions of your money! where were you and your stone head barrister when thieves in the name of president and ministers siphoned billions to over sea banks?. now like every other opportunist, you have some how found a soft spot to flex your useless muscles. god punish you!

  2. Sunshine

    August 1, 2019 at 6:48 AM


    Every PEOPLE need leadership to govern and insure their survival. lrc leadership declared war on Southern Cameroon Ambazonia THROUGH THEIR FAKE DESPOTIC LEADER bieya. We know Sisiku Ayuk is our leader, compromised or not. At least Amba Boys are dying for Ambazonia because their leader will carry on even if they die. They believe they are not dying in vain. President Sisiku prays and encourages them everyday from his prison cell.

    When you take off leadership or governance, no one can be blamed or praised when things go the way they are now. In this critical time of war, I would rather advice that all Ambazonians rally behind Sisiku and his government in order to stop false leaders from emerging to ruin the fight for our restoration of independence. Let us raise all the money we can to support our fighting brothers and sisters on Ground Zero. There are so many plots by atanga nji to kill off the youth, those in prison, and those in their homes, to stop this revolution from ending with the full restoration of our independence in Ambazonia.

  3. Mbeuh

    August 1, 2019 at 2:52 PM

    @Mark Bareta,

    The words ‘Lie'(to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive) and ‘Mistake'(an action or judgment that is misguided or wrong) are not synonymous. In your video you repeated the word ‘lie’ over and over and appear to spice it with a ‘mistake’ a few times. This has let detractors of the revolution run amok with the notion that you have become averse to the ongoing fight for the independence of Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia).

    How is it that the formation of an interim government, in place now for over two years, is a lie? Would that rather not be a mistake as Hon Wirba said? You contradict yourself by strongly suggesting that the same Interim government that you say is a lie, should transform itself into a revolutionary council. Even in your piece above, a mild attempt at Mea culpa, still leaves a lot of unrepaired damage. The Palestinian National Authority example which you cite has had a government headed by a president, Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas. Like brother Mukong, I firmly believe that one’s style of communication, especially communicating information/opinions of such import involving the precious lives and survival of Southern Cameroonians, must be carefully thought out and/or worded such that damage and confusion is avoided. A couple of days ago, you (Mark Bareta) called into Eric Tataw’s live show and lend him your unequivocal support which means you’re still on board our quest for freedom. Be more responsible, brother Mark, in what you say, what you write and what you do for the Ambazonian revolution.

    • jon

      August 1, 2019 at 5:57 PM

      Thanks allot for this write up. Hope mark doesn’t get carried away by anger or just frustrations. Several opportunistic elements have moulded his words into some primitive from of victory. But he doesn’t have to make that mistake again!

    • jon

      August 1, 2019 at 5:59 PM

      Thanks allot for this write up. Hope mark doesn’t get carried away by anger or just frustrations. Several opportunistic elements have moulded his words into some primitive form of victory. But he doesn’t have to make that mistake again!

  4. Rogan ekota

    August 1, 2019 at 9:32 PM

    Any alliance whatsoever you form in the light of working for unity is still a government in another form .So don’t lie that it help ground zero in any way. You people, I you and Eric that we trusted so much are a disgrace. You have decided to destroy everything if you are not in control. The idea of IG is the best thing that ever happened in this revolution if you are not comfortable you go ahead and form your visionary council that has no meaning after all your two researches conducted shows you had a good score over 60%.Where a majority of you have failed and will continue to fail is coming up all the time on social media to expose the weaknesses of your fellow compatriots thinking it will cause you stand tall. This only exposes your immaturity. You call names, say all kinds of stupid things about your fellow compatriots just to distract people. All of you should rally behind the IG. Why can’t you try this model instead of having to copy everything every time? Can’t other people copy from you

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