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Don’t Twist My Words: What I said has not changed-Mark Bareta



Mark Bara



Don’t Twist My Words: What I said has not changed

The Guardian Post Newspaper

I have read the callous headline from the Guardian Post Newspaper. I have sent them a rejoinder and I hope they publish it correctly.

However, I see lots of anger in our people especially those who just read headlines like movies and are able to narrate a film from the headlines. However, those who watched the entire Live Facebook show I think fully understood the video and never had a thing to worry about because as Ambazonians they could identify with what was said and where that was coming from. Unfortunately, a few days later MKPD took hold of portions of it to drive a narrative and all hell is breaking loose. Sadly, the very Ambazonians even those who watched it are the ones driving the narrative of the enemy. I will not blink.

Now we all know the Guardian Post Newspaper. The newspaper is now reporting on portions of my video especially giving very callous headlines to drive an agenda.

Mark Bareta never apologize for the so-called lies as the paper said. The paper is giving a dangerous insinuation. The feeling the paper wants Ambazonians to believe is that Mark is apologizing for the Ambazonia revolution, for lying to the Ambazonia people for the revolution being wrong or that Mark regrets being in the revolution. The paper is giving the feeling that all that Mark has been saying about Amba is a lie. This is big-time manipulation this newspaper is doing and those who support a one Cameroun agenda are feasting on it. I understand.

Hear me out very well. Let me again restate it. Mark spoke of a lie. A lie about the idea of having a government in a revolution. I said the creation of a government was a mistake and defending the government going forward will be a lie. I wanted a government, I preached it and financed it and I said sorry for that huge mistake. As a revolutionary neophyte at the time, I thought it was a superlative idea and that is the reason I said: “I am sorry”. The above is the exact reason and instance I stipulated that I am sorry.

That was the apology. Akoson Pauline and Mark were the two main people who started the idea of a government to be headed by a Prime Minister. We campaigned for it. When it came finally, I endorsed it and propagated everything about it, I did not shy from calling it out and late last year 2018 I started calling for a revolutionary Council because the idea of a government was already a disturbing factor. Mark is not the first to have said a government in a revolution is a bad idea or that having a government was wrong. So why all the fuse? That was the lie I am talking about not what the Guardian Post catalog as LIES.

The IG as a structure has a huge following and it is a major stakeholder in the revolution so talking about having a government as a mistake and a lie does not take away the IG or make it less important. This is why I advised the IG to transform into just a movement which I proposed as Ambazonia Authority. Yesterday I wrote extensively on this and the limitations of having a government in a revolution. Don’t get me wrong I have not said the respective IG factions are not important stakeholders in the freedom quest of Ambazonia but the endless and senseless politicking within the triangle of the IG compelled me to cement my position. As it stands I consider the respective factions as groups who are important stakeholders in the revolution and I shall operate with them as such. I don’t know where the Guardian Post Newspaper paper came about with such a callous heading that is meant to completely distort what I was saying. And till date, that position of mine is not changing.

I also did inform our defense forces not to defend or protect any government or groups or leaders in the diaspora but fight for the flag. I said so because we know what politics have done to some of our best fighters. I called the attention of our fighters to understand that diasporans especially the faceless ones have a greater percentage of coming back home to Amba whether we restore Amba or not and that those who are actually fighting and have given up their lives on the ground are on the greater risk not to see tomorrow, therefore, they must unite, forget politicians in the diaspora and fight for the flag. This position again is not changing.

We must recall that, before the struggle, we had recalcitrant individuals in our communities. Some of those guys have taken advantage of the struggle to continue their activities prior to the struggle through the use of the name Amba Boys. We have all seen videos from genuine Amba boys punishing Fake fighters who steal and kidnap individuals in their names. Genuine Amba boys generally do not kidnapped especially known groups under the control of coordinated structures. My position is that it is the responsibility of every group to seek out the bad seeds within or out of their respective groups who are engaged in such malpractices.

My statement pointed to groups who have boys in camps purportedly fighting for the course who are said to be kidnapping under the pretext that they are in need of cash to feed. This should not be an excuse for kidnapping but ignoring such positions is not a remedy to the problem. Whether they are genuine fighters or not most of them are Ambazonians and it is our collective responsibility to put things to order for the interest of the revolution. I am referring here to groups unknown to us, not in the control of any of the known groups or counties and this includes Atanga Nji militia who are specially designed for these. My reference to Kidnappings orchestrated by those posing as Amba boys excludes the genuine Amba boys or known groups.

In my Facebook Live show, kidnapping was not my focus and never had time to explain that. It was said in passing to make a point about ground zero forces uniting and instituting a tax system.

Even those who publicly orchestrated and supported the banning of formidable groups (ADF, SOCADEF) by the IG under the pretext and allegations of kidnapping also blew the trumpet as if Mark Bareta ordered for the crucifixion of Jesus. At that moment, they said it on LIVE STATE TV without knowing the repercussions on the revolution-too much hypocrisy.

However, the overall message on that particular live Facebook show is clear. People who never watched my entire Facebook video are making a fuse of something else and I understand perfectly how the enemy can turn out our words for their own agenda.

The revolution is strong, God-ordained and Cameroun shall be defeated

Thank You

Mark Bareta

NB: You do not have to agree with me about an idea of a government in a revolution. Support what you think. My ideas are mine only

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  1. Liberation Prophet

    August 1, 2019 at 11:03 PM

    Mark, you should have been more careful with your own words. What you said has brought more confusion to our people and the struggle. As an activist you should have known that LRC will surely use your own words against you. When you say 1+3 =2 , loud and clear to everyone listening, it’s impolite for you to start looking for a way to change your answer. Next time be more careful with your own words and don’t allow anger to overshadow you.

    • Jon

      August 2, 2019 at 5:56 AM

      MARK is trying to close the stable door after the horse has bolted. THE HORSE HAS BOLTED INDEED.

  2. Mukong

    August 2, 2019 at 1:32 AM

    Mark, please do not defend the indefensible. You by your action has given the LRC criminals fuel for them to use to confuse our people.

    • Jon

      August 2, 2019 at 2:25 AM



      Once the trigger of a gun is pulled, one can not hold back the bullet. Thus, the cleaning up Mark is trying to do is INEFFECTUAL. In American politics, it is often said that “if you are explaining, you are losing. MARK IS LOSING FATLY.

      • jon

        August 2, 2019 at 3:09 AM

        Jon, you have taken a bath and now you want to warm your ass under the moon! You show signs of a defeated system. What else can you do but hold hopelessly on to a falling wall? What makes you think mark is the voice and mind of southern Cameroonins. After using marks speech against Him, do you think it will eliminate the marginalisation of the English minority? Curb the imposition of french in an English system? You are the biggest clown and a fool.

  3. Sunshine

    August 2, 2019 at 6:40 PM


    I once wrote how bieya, the deceptive despot of french cameroun uses several jons to distort the truth to carry out his genocide on Ambazonians. The authentic JON, I have just noticed, just called bieya’s jon “the biggest clown and a fool!” At least, there is ONE AUTHENTIC JON eating off bieya’s thugs and jons on this forum.

  4. Mami Fine Mbombo

    September 4, 2019 at 9:02 PM

    From BARE NAKEDNESS TO AMBAZONIA –Jan Bey (PhD-Political Anthropology)
    US SENATE resolution 292 re-affirms Cameroon’s territorial integrity. Poor Putative Republic of Ambazonia!

    From Bare NAKEDNESS to AMBAZONIA? By Jan Bey
    One of the major Bantu tribes in Southern Africa and the smartest is the XHOSA tribe. In 1850, a teenage prophetess of doom-NONGQAWUSE through her millennium movement asked the Xhosas to kill all their cows and destroy all their crops for the spirits to sweep the British settlers into the sea. The Xhosas would then replenish their granaries and get healthier cattle. The people complied, and nothing happened to the British with the Xhosas suffering from famine, disaster and death from 1856-1857! Today, innocent Cameroonians in the English speaking North-west and South- west regions are facing a similar predicament through the formation of an online putative dictatorial republic called AMBAZONIA!

    SHUFAI Mark Bara Lainso KITI SHISHONG KIKIKIKILAIKI with a Cameroon sash! Cameroon na worm for your shithole! You and all Amba no fit runnam! You fuck Bessem then killam with ABORTION! Bessem blood go haunt you forever. Con MAN-You have to live the Ghost Towns and your LOCKDOWN.You will be billed for losses incurred by the people. (

    A picture is worth a thousand words!!While God created all men equal according to the good book, some have higher IQs like the Europeans. However, they lack natural resources like oil, diamonds and other precious metals, coltan, copper, uranium and other minerals. God also endowed them with great sense of research, adventure, creativity and invention, risk taking and individualism and why not exceptionalism! The timelines of their civilization include different phases from the Middle Ages, Renaissance to the INDUSTRIAL Revolution. They wandered round the world, colonizing different countries and even creating some like Australia .This ‘sin’ pales in comparison to what they gave the world in return: planes, cars, medicines, clothing, indoor plumbing, electricity, steamers and ships, air conditioning, phones, sewage systems, TV, cars, computers, internet, and the list goes on. Look at the way ethnic white people developed Australia, Canada, then Rhodesia and South Africa from scratch! In South Africa they gave up Apartheid and the ANC rogue system of underachievement, looting and corruption, Crybabies like economic sophists called Economic Freedom Front led by Julius Malema saw daylight! ZIMBABWE (former Rhodesia) is a basket case today under black men. Most countries where whites reside are first world countries in terms of Human Development Index! Let me call a spade a spade and state that western civilization is advanced! Mother nature gave Africans certain talents but they cannot discard the herd mentality and that of a chief or tribal big man reverence and this makes them prey and prone to under development and other dysfunctions. They cannot MANAGE anything well.
    After the exploration of Africa by explorers like Stanley and David Livingstone, Africa was shared between European powers in the Berlin conference chaired by Kaiser Otto von Bismarck in 1884.Thus Africa became property, I repeat PROPERTY of the white man but at least they brought development listed above to what some considered to be Savages in the Heart of Darkness. The German share of the booty, or what is called “CARCO” in Cameroon today was the African nation of KAMERUN. It was the German, German and German who constructed one of the first modern buildings in the Bakweri mountain land of huts. This building called Schloss still stands today and bears the hallmark of German architect Von Puttkamer. Germany lost the First World War and Kamerun was split up between the English and French in 1918.English Cameroon was merged with Nigeria and in 1961, the United Nation organized a plebiscite in which the Northern and Southern Cameroons had to choose between Nigeria and Cameroun Republic. Northern Cameroons joined Nigeria and Southern Cameroons joined the French speaking republic of Cameroon forming the Federal Republic of Cameroon. From 1961-1972, Southern Cameroons or West Cameroon had its own government with an elected prime minister in Buea with the “Schloss” as the PM’s Lodge. In 1972 French and English speaking Cameroon morphed into the United Republic of Cameroon in a one-sided referendum and in violation of the 1961 accords that recommended the approval of both houses of parliament before such a dispensation took place. The current President Paul Biya made matters worse in 1985 by unilaterally abandoning the United Republic and renaming the country Republic of Cameroon. Treaties may have been abrogated but the reality is that the bilingual and bi-jural Cameroon is gazetted by the United Nations and still recognized by the whole world as one from Ekok, Buea, Nkambe to Kentzou in the East and Yokadouma to Makari in the north! Hence the world’s silence to the online putative republic created by some Bantus from English speaking Cameroon who have nothing in common with the Englishman not to talk of being of Anglo-Saxon culture!
    Upon looking at the above image or still shots from 1908, you’ll see that Cameroonians from Pinyin to Kom, Banso to Bali and Bafut,Batibo, Ndop,Mbengwi,Widikum, Muyuka to Kumba and Buea, Mamfe,Tiko to Lebialem were Butt Naked and lived in bush dwellings and huts! The former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers(Donald Sterling) got it right when he said in Israel, blacks are considered worse than DOGS! The late former emperor of the Central African Republic Jean Bedel Bokassa as a French Army veteran of the Indo China wars has a clip on Youtube in which he states the way Chinese and Vietnamese look at Africans! They call Africans Dogs! A Chinese expatriate in Kenya even took it further stating that Kenyans and other Africans are poor, dirty, lazy and MONKEYS! Former French president Jacques Chirac is of the opinion that democracy is a luxury to Africans and they can ill afford it! His successor-Nicholas Sarkozy also said Africans have no history and have contributed nothing to advanced civilization given their repetitive and cyclical lifestyle over the ages. Mention must be made of the fact that the French and British are Europeans and share more in common in terms of culture, civilization, race and values compared to the Africans from their colonies who will never be equal to them in terms of culture or otherwise. It is said that the English section of Cameroon that merged with the French speaking Cameroon was a gift from the queen of England to Charles De Gaulle of France. Shell developed oil in Nigeria while Elf and Total did same in the Cameroons and nobody was a loser in what Kenyans would call “NUSU Mkate”.
    Note that we may say Anglophones or Francophones but they are considered same being BANTUS! Thus the Nso from English speaking Cameroon and the Bamouns from French speaking Cameroon are Tikars with the same ancestor from Bankim. The Mbos and Balungs and Bakossi from Melong and Loum and Mbanga are cousins to the Bakossis in the English speaking section of Kupe Manenguba and Muyuka as they are all the descendant of Ngoe! Yeah they (we) roamed the grass fields and forests butt naked! It is disheartening therefore to hear and see some English speaking Cameroonian expatriates hijacking social media and commandeering strikes and creating an online putative republic of AMBazonia, that is recognized by nobody! They may speak English or might have received /been exposed to some aspects of English culture but remain Bantus and NOT English. The government of Cameroon responded albeit grudgingly to the initial demands of English speaking teachers and lawyers following the strikes of November 2016.Today the situation in the North west and South West Cameroon shows that we are on a path to the stone age in which we lived and that thrived up to 1908.

    Mark Zuckerberg developed Facebook, What’s Up, and Instagram. He became a billionaire with his social media inventions. English speaking Cameroonians who are good at being consumers use it to decimate a people and sell them to the cultic NYONGO society given the untold suffering and deaths among the people since 2017. Every Tom Dick and Harry abroad and in Nigeria woke up one morning and declared themselves President of a Facebook republic called Ambazonia. They could not set up radio stations with knowledge from their Bantu Bakweri , Nweh Mundani, Nso, Kom, Bali, Bafut, Bakossi, Bayang tribes but used an invention of the good old white man-Facebook and What’s Up to prop up this online republic. Hence a college professor named Julius Tabe, Chris Anus Anutebong (conman and fake Banwa pastor), Ivo Tapang Atsingku (Fulbright fugitive), Stutterer Mark Lainso Bara (who induced abortion that killed his girlfriend named Bessem) and a host of others became interim chairmen or presidents of this online Republic. A security guard and fake pastor whose wife once dressed my relative’s hair-Ikome Sako became another “Interim Chairman/President” and the list goes on!!They embark on fund raising for their ‘country’ when nobody ever elected them with the PREMISE for their republic being an illusion: “Ambazonia: An Anglo Saxon Republic”! Hell No! Nobody is yet to recognize this putative republic and it should beat sense into our skulls. Cameroon is just a property of France and will always remain in our arses like WORMS and follow us everywhere.
    The situation on the ground: Pathetic, ABYSMAL and Cruel! Under Ahidjo and Biya, nobody went on the rampage terrorizing citizens and depriving them from eking out a living. The community’s main occupation is agricultural/ subsistence farming with the average citizen surviving on less than one dollar a week! Conversely Ambazonia presidents like Mark Lainso Bara Baretta Kitti Shishong stutterer and Ntikang Ayaba live large on welfare and asylum benefits in the white man’s land!!This is pure NYONGO in broad day light. Today the population in English speaking Cameroon lives in fear and is paranoid not because they love this online DICTATORIAL AMBAzonia but for the sake and security of their children.
    Today insecurity prevails everywhere as the army and police are trying to save their skins from these so called AMBA Boys. Some have tribal stereotypical names like Bafut Warriors of Seven Cattarrh SUICIDE, Nweh Mundani TSE TSE Fly Red Dragons, Batibo Fichug Kwere Mbunga Kwere Tu Warrior, Banso Coffee Bangfen Warriors, the Kom Fundong Mbingo Leprosy Warriors, The Oroko Biscuit Bone warriors).Some people have fled to bushes where they live in trees and Fuck and Starve. Highways have random check points and patrols by hoodlums and thugs and murderers (AMBA BOYS) who extort money from people, kidnap them, FUCK and rape some and then behead others, drink their blood and eat some of the flesh like true cannibals and occasionally dump human heads in towns while riding bikes.
    Handy work of a university drop out and blood thirsty diminutive ‘oil baron’ Ayaba. The worst violator of human rights calls himself “Doctor of Human Rights)!!
    They stopped road construction in various parts of the North-west and South-west forgetting that the projects were sponsored by international bodies like the African Development Bank to which they might resort in the future. The carcass of a caterpillar in Akum is a case in point. In some cases they block roads digging trenches on them making free flow of traffic impossible. They Break into Jails in the name of Amba and the struggle freeing hardened criminals and murderers who have now made their land ungovernable with kidnappings, rape, scores settling, vandalism, underdevelopment, boycott of Brasserie beer, intimidation, ambushing and beheadings, armed robberies, pyromania of all sorts including sanitation trucks belonging to companies like HYSACam. Today whole towns like Bamenda stink because no one collects garbage! Serve them right. Bush fallers (Cameroon expatriates) go to Cameroon now and end their visits in Douala and Yaounde as they are targets of the AMBA criminals cum kidnappers. Corpses are no longer shipped home from America and Europe and the rest of Cameroon for burial thanks to AMBAZONIA. Limbs have been amputated for drinking 33 Export and Brasserie drinks that the people worked hard to buy and not provided by the delusional AMBAS.
    Diminutive Ntikang Ayaba launching war!Ane Tusvik Bonde take note.
    Opportunistic Ayaba molested and brain washed teenagers in Dadi Manyu division to form a rag tag army wearing plastic “Dschang Shoes” and the sing Hail Hail Ambazonia Dysfuction and proceeded to hoist a bluish flag on a building, declaring a Putative republic. Being the real PUNK ass he was, he took to his heels like a true COWARD before the Cameroon Army arrived. If he and other internet generals were true soldiers or liberators, they SHOULD and WOULD have been on the field fighting with their bunch of misguided Bantus! Biafra leader General Odumegwu Ojukwu did just that for 3 years! Jonas Savimbi did that all his life in Angola. No, our punks of activists gloat about AMBAZONIA-Hahahah! Their modus operandi is strange! If we could tie red strings of cloth around our waists called ODESHI, why don’t we land people on the moon or make cars and set up top notch laboratories? World economic expert and UN consultant from Cameroon-Etounga-Manguelle penned a paper :”Does Africa need a Cultural Program?” In this paper he stated that the African including the so called Ambazonian works to live but does not live to work. He further went on to state that Divination and Witch craft are integral parts of all aspects of state and civil society among all segments of society. Thanks Prof! Thank you Odeshi!
    Thank you Temitope Balogun for blessing Ambazonia flag, thank you for red strings that will make MTTB i.e. My Trip to Buea possible. Hahaha! The imaginary Ambazonia State house was built by Germans with the Africans being potters,(Boy Boys), laborers and Bambes! Bakweris rebelled and the white man brought in people from the grass fields “GRAFFIS” to continue the project and then work on the plantations. These workers saw Mammy wagons and planes for the first time and called them “MUTUS” for motor and called the planes at Tiko airstrip :MUNGWINS or locusts! Earlier on, the white man had given the Bakweris including Sako Ikome’s forebears shots of RUM and bales of stock fish called MOKANJU in local lingua franca. They became indifferent and gave land to the white man in the following words “Mukala, Cuttam Go, That Mokanju dey sweet with Kwacoco”. This was Njo Litumbe’s people saying this and today you want to hear him talking about Cameroon having a JUMBA Married between the French and English people after roaming naked in the wild? NO!

    Why the online Putative republic warriors and their supporters live abroad and have 3 square meals a day, in February 2019 they ordered a lock down for weeks. They are ordering another one now. they misuse a word without knowing the meaning. Lockdown is used in a correctional setting and usually involves very violent felons who are separated from other inmates and locked in a special cell for 24 hours with just one hour given them to exercise and shit and piss. Today, depraved hooligans calling themselves liberators have declared the innocent population of the North West and South west regions of Cameroon to be Violent Felons thus fit for lockdowns! Perpetrators will not go scot free. WE ARE WE ARE FREE MEN AND WOMEN OF GOD AND NOT SLAVES ON A PLANTATION CALLED AMBAZONIA!!!
    None of them put aside a dime to feed the people or make for their lost wages they stayed home in Cameroon and died from hunger and malnutrition for weeks, poverty, diseases etc. while the AMBAZonia lived large abroad. Yes they used the people of the north west and south regions of Cameroon (a gazetted country) to raise money abroad and live a PARASITIC lifestyle, one of irresponsibility as they did not care and don’t care about the lives that they wreck but exploit others effectively. Above all, their lives or lifestyle is one of criminals or versatile entrepreneurs as they never recognize the rights of others but see their self-serving behaviors as permissible with a penchant for humiliating everybody! They have shallow emotions and are pathological liars who are not truthful on a consistent basis but are convincing and can pass lie detector tests!!
    Having partially diagnosed my brothers and sisters who term themselves AMBAZONIA, I’ll state that the first and salient part of my discourse is last!!Students, teachers and lawyers boycotted schools for the government to address their grievances. People suffering from the syndromes in the above paragraph hijacked their struggle for their own selfish and macabre intentions. Schools, building, churches were burnt down. Peace loving Mbororo who are grazers by nature were attacked, killed and maimed with the various head of cattle rustled! Ordinary citizens too cannot go about their business with all activity grinding to a halt on Mondays called ghost Town or Contri Sunday!!Hahaha. Sasse college is now history due to the actions of criminal entrepreneurs and so it is the case with Saint Augustine’s College Nso, Saint Bedes Ashing Kom, PSS Nkwen and list goes on. There is an atmosphere of ILLITERACY BREEDING and JEALOUSY in the NORTH WESt and South West as people who exercise their rights to education are kidnapped, manhandled, killed etc. School or Education is an inalienable RIGHT guaranteed by the UN’s Charter just like intellectual Freedom. Tataw Eric, Ayaba, Chris Anus, Mark Stutterer Big Head Fuck kill and Bessem with abortion, con artist and agent of La republic of Cameroon Ebini Christmas, slum landlord Boh Herbert, Shufai Mbinglo and Fai Kati Kati Wo Melim, Sako the security guard etc. have no right and cannot tamper with or attempt to abrogate this right in the North west and South west regions of Cameroon lest we submit their names to the International criminal Court for Crimes against humanity. School MUST go on and No to LOCKDOWNS!
    Beginning today, all those Amba people resident abroad must and should show evidence of keeping their kids home from school just like they preach for others and also stay home on Mondays in solidarity their kith and kin observing dictatorial ghost Towns on Mondays!

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander! They should compensate anybody who loses business due to Kontri Sunday .They should desist from issuing online FATWAS and decrees if they themselves are not on the field to fight this unjust uprising and criminal enterprise that they set up. In this light, we commend the prisoner MANCHO Bibixy and others who are jailed but not bitter and called for schools to resume everywhere in the North West and South West regions. They have a real struggle credential than bush faller online AMBAZONIA.No mind should be paid to the so called AMBAZONIA especially when they are abroad, eating to their fill while we starve and they keep selling us to Nyongo daily.
    Enjoying life on a Yacht with his family and children who attend school like other Ambas abroad while preventing innocent kids back home from attending school!
    SCHOOL MUST RESUME. Come join us back home to enforce your economic and school boycott and fight your bush AMBA war if you are worth your salt. All the threats against school is baseless and unwarranted and not permitted. Remember that civilized whites like the Catalonians have been refused independence. The world cannot even mention a name Ambazonia not to talk of recognizing it as it claims to be “Anglo-Saxon” but in reality is just a cluster of Bantu tribes clothed by the white man and who still behave on the internet and in Europe and America the way they did in their jungle as you can take an African out of the jungle but the jungle will never leave him! If Britain had something in common with the English speaking Cameroon that some refer to as Ambazonia, their embassy will be in Bamenda or Buea but it is in Yaounde. Who is fooling whom? They have their spheres of influence all over the world. Cameroon and others are their property and will remain so for ever and ever Amen!
    Further reading for you:
    A Grain of Wheat by Ngugi Wa Thiongo
    Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
    King Leopold’s Ghost: A story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa
    The Looting Machine: Warlords, Corporations, Smugglers, and the Theft of Africa’s Wealth; Burgis Tom

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