The Demonization In Southern Cameroons Must Stop: Reason Should Prevail

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The Demonization Must Stop: Reason Should Prevail

By Mark Bareta
Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

The demonization of the revolution especially its leaders and actions must stop. Ambazonians must please learn to put Ambazonia first and most especially take all words from leaders at face value, assess it before reacting. We must kill emotional outbursts.

Ambazonians must be aware that it is not only us following ourselves on media platforms. We have no idea those who follow us. The international community is following us hugely. They know your leaders, activists and those at the forefront media wise. They know very much what is happening. This is why our outings on Facebook Live shows, posts etc must be scripted and cautious with the overall aim in protecting the image of the revolution even when we disagree with each other and want to call others out. There is a way we must do that does not harm the revolution but protects it. This is exactly how I see it and this guides my actions entirely. Yes, there are moments I am frustrated like I am now looking at how things are but we must put Ambazonia First.

Let me take myself for example. I, Mark Bareta have come to the conclusion that there are many organizations, bodies, governments that follow what I and my platform say on the media. The perception of what the international community and our partners think is very important for the success of our revolution and that is why whenever I come out even if I must disagree or condemn others, I try as much as possible to protect the revolution and it’s image while doing so.

Within the last three months or so, let me give just a few organizations or governments that have contacted me for information or clarification

1. The Government of Canada specifically the department of refugees for information about this conflict. I responded to them powerfully
2. A powerful security firm in Brussels
3. Chairman of the international protection against the use of mines and bombs
4. International Crisis Group
5. Amnesty International
6. Major Media houses

These are just a few examples. Do we know why they contacted me? Because they have been following me on Facebook, Twitter, and BaretaNews website. This is the more reason I am restricted in what I say or publish, I do not just want to go out and run my mouth because we have actors unknown to us watching us see how far we can go and if we are serious. This is the reason why I am so very frustrated and down in spirit after listening to audios from IG, Consortium and MoRisc leaders concerning the DC money. The vilification lies telling, manipulations, anger, and power have weakened my soul. I am so frustrated and down until I wept. Wondering what has gone wrong.

It’s so vexing because it hurts us directly. It shows us to the international community as a bunch of useless idiots not ready to manage a revolution talk less of a country we want to restore. It’s so vexing and disgusting. It’s a shame and makes us a laughing stock to our friends, partners, and even enemies.

The Interim Government will also tell you that in most of their diplomatic outreach and in seeking for support from different organizations, BaretaNews and Mark Bareta have been mentioned as one of the ONLY platforms they rely on the most for news information, focused on subject issues and in getting the temperature of the revolution. I am forced to reveal this so that our people understand why most often I have to protect the revolution even when I disagree rather than bashing and showing a South Sudan scenario. I have a duty to keep the revolution on message.

Now, we do not know who follows our leaders, other activists etc. These are unknown to us but there are many who follow them especially our international partners and sympathizers.

Thus it is important that when we come out in our shows, posts etc we must be diplomatic making sure only Ambazonia-First prevails even when we condemn.

Now, this takes me to a recent communique from someone claiming to be Red Dragons PRO giving an ultimatum to Dr. Cho Ayaba comments on his Sunday 9th September 2018 Facebook live show wherein he mentioned in passing that the ADF helps Red Dragons sometimes in the spirit of collaboration. I am scared because we seemed to incite a tribal war here.

It is important we know what Ayaba said in his Facebook live show. He rightly said Amba boys are collaborating and his ADF has been collaborating and helping others on ground zero. Now let us assume that he lied about this on Facebook. Ayaba Cho is a figure known within international circles. Assumed the ADF has never helped the Red Dragons, is it not a good thing that Ayaba tried to show the international community that ground forces are collaborating and that there is nothing to be scared off? Is it not a good thing to show the world that despite the perceived lack of cooperation within diaspora leadership, ground zero is focused? Do we know which figure unknown to us could have been watching Ayaba at that moment? Is it wrong to diplomatically protect the revolution even if the situation was different? This is how I look at it. The problem is that the group identify has destroyed us to the point where it is now about “me” and not “them”. It is you and not me. Sad!!!

That said, the truth is that from my own findings indicate that the ADF did help the Red Dragons with about 600 groundnuts and some guns. This is coming from ADF leadership. Is this not good? Even if it is five groundnuts or the intent to help. Is it not good? Why must we make a fuss even about issues that show how our people are collaborating?

Some have written to say Ayaba boasted of it. No, he never did so. We did not watch him then. He barely explained how the guys are collaborating on GZ and how ADF has been reaching out to other defense groups and this is true. I, Mark Bareta know lots of defense teams in Fako and Meme that takes materials from ADF to use especially hardware and then return them. I know also that General Ivo gives groundnuts to some groups free of charge sometimes. Amba boys on GZ will confirm this to those that have been there. Though I am in the media world, I am privileged to be privy to certain defense information from all quarters while respecting the privacy, trust, and dignity of those who share that with me.

The underlying message is that Amba boys are collaborating on ground zero and that is exactly what matters and we MUST encourage this. Each day we go out and cry for collaboration but when groups collaborate on GZ it becomes an issue. We start raising identify politics here and there.

Mark Bareta too can go live and start accusing, condemning and issuing threats to leaders, groups, shouting for hours etc but how does that help us? Does that create more animosity or cohesion? Because I have all these at the back of my mind especially those unknown partners watching and reading us, my only goal is to protect the revolution and if we must condemn or call out leaders, let’s do it in a way which is respectful, not demonic using foul languages etc.

The demonization of persons, our leaders, activists and groups especially coming from the diaspora is sickening. I am ashamed and disgusted. It must stop.

Thank you



  1. ebonie

    September 11, 2018 at 5:03 PM

    Mr Mark you are very right,some of our activists on social media do nothing but demonise the energy of the revolution together with certain patriotic Southern Cameroonians on their talk social platform and messages.It is annoying,worrying how many of us who fund this struggle heatedly listen to their uncivilised criticism of Ayaba,Ebanezer,the IG, Chris Anu,etc, what is wrong with some of these Ambazonian wicked moaners?for example someone like Lucas Ashu, bush hunter, Ivo etc promote poisonous hatred among Ambazonians,they feel their vocal opinion in social media is of more important than those young people on GZ who are fighting and dying?the few attention seeking social media vocal speakers are worst than chiroma, bad for the revolution, they should stop their money mad wickedness because their negativity,inability to speak unity or positively will lead to many diaspora withdrawing their funds.The IG has never for once slated individuals on their broadcasting palrform.
    Chris Anu must stop responding back on social media platform to those individuals such as John Akuru because he is seen as being petty,Mr Anu must ignore their gossips and attention,some of these people are not patriotic, they are no different from lrc bad blood,Akuro is a conniving character who speaks positive or negative when it suits him,there are many SCs demons within this revolution,especially in the diaspora who want to see SCs people get crushed by biya,they contribute nothing,pass information back to lrc hoping they will get a political career one day in French Cameroon because their life overseas is crap.The IG must continue to maintain confidentiality,Dr Sako must refuse to make broadcast frequently because it is the job of Mr Chris Anu, many SCs have become social media negative critics, instead of embracing the IG and all other genuine groups by feeding positive feedback,some are too pompous,ignorant and uncaring towards ground zero, refugees, those in bushes, Amba warriors whose lives are constantly in danger daily.

  2. Malis

    September 11, 2018 at 6:23 PM

    I do not confuse the people Ambazonia, the nation of Ambazonia with groups, leaders or gangs of people.

    There is nothing that anyone in this restoration movement can do that will make us question what we the people of Ambazonia are fighting for. We Ambazonians are the ones fighting and being killed, not the so-called leaders.
    The faith of Ambazonia does not lie in the hands of any of these groups.

    Anyone who is caught up in the drama and immaturity of adults who have labeled themselves with all kinds of title from CIC, General, … should blame itself.

    We Ambazonians came out in our numbers on C-Day in Washington DC and spoke a very clear message
    not with our mouths but with our feet. C-Day was not about groups but about us Ambazonians.

    We are going to institute a county base system and kill this cancer once and for all. Those running around with childhood dream of becoming some general will have to go to some veranda or corridor in their house and be a commander there.

    We are not begging any of these so-called leaders and we are making them know that they are not there to cater to our emotions. Either they do what leaders dose or get the fucking hell out of the way.

    We Ambazonia are standing tight together like penguins on the ice not because we can do otherwise, we know the moment we go apart we are cheap meat. And then you have these few groups of people who think they know so much, have suffered so much that we have to kiss their asses. You lost your damn mind.

    We the people of Ambazonia are standing as one man together because our common sense makes us know that fighting this fight individually is never going to work. With all the lives we have lost, we have never tone to these so-called leaders and say stop. But every time we the people take a step forward, all these CIC, Generals, leader … are the ones trying to stop us from moving.

    Everywhere you look on this planet African are suffering because of the ego of the African male. The European has castrated the Africans male to the point that the only place where he can exercise some power is on his children, woman, and people. He is not even conscious that his actions sent out are what comes back to him. He has no mercy, not even the death of his own.

    With no shame, he comes into the world, unable to produce the guns he uses to fight, unable to produce the cars he drives, … and ask for respect.

    Open your eyes and take a good look at your self in the mirror African male, you are the weakest, the last in this world. The simplest of simplest cannot be accomplished by African male.
    I ask myself why do African women only give birth to such type of males, why is it that the male she gives birth don’t do thing thinking about her.
    Simple dirty 50,000 dollars pocket change, these men fight over it. Mighty creator. No shame, no respect, not even for their children or wife. This is amazing.

    Biya is the total catastrophe, he builds institutions in Europe thinking he is European. So-called Ambazonians leaders in the diaspora cannot manger 50,000 Dollars and the African race is dying and rotting one generation to the next.
    I don’t think I will donate to the collaboration account.

    To hell with you all. The African race will pick up itself by itself and clean itself up and move on. We Africans are not going to allow our race because extinct because of crazy so-called African leaders, CIC, General, …

  3. Maureen konior

    September 11, 2018 at 10:57 PM

    Some of us believe in telling the truth in other to stop the lies. That is democracy and we can’t give up. We have to continue to support by donating. We have no other means of financing this war apart from the donators. Please,let us put Ambazonian first. We have gone through alot and the grandzero fighters are a blessing to Ambaland. Please, don’t give up. I beg you all the Ambazonians and loving you unconditionally.Short live the war.

  4. Mbeuh

    September 12, 2018 at 2:34 AM

    While acknowledging that every revolution experiences ups and downs in its march to the end point, I am aghast at the sudden turn around from what was supposed to be a united, committed goal of working as one towards the march to Buea. Current revelations that groups gathered for the meet in D C a few weeks ago haggled over $ 40, 000, (some sources say $ 45, 000) is depressing, sad and just unfortunate. I listened to Eric Tataw’s nearly 2 hours long video appointing himself as supreme commander of a new Ambazonia Federal Army (AFA) and dismissing henceforth other groups/their leaders as irrelevant. He talks of county by county, governors and directing collected funds to 13 counties as the new dispensation.

    Is this to say that Eric has injected himself into the Interim Government and/or taken over the leadership? What is the position of the interim President Dr. Sako, Cris Anu and the rest of the team?

    I understand strategy must change as the situation and state of the revolution demands but this one has thrown me off course. Can someone shed light on this or perhaps I should wait to see what the I G and other leaders have in response.

  5. Papito

    September 15, 2018 at 9:41 AM


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