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Cameroon Baptist Convention Donates 5.8 Billion CFA To Clinton Foundation!!!!



The Daily mail UK in 2015 revealed that Hillary Clinton’s charity accepted a substantial donation from Cameroon Baptist Convention to the tune of 10 million US dollars. The 2016 Presidential candidate took money for her health nonprofit from the CBC whose official policy is that being gay ‘contradicts God’s purpose for human sexuality’.

CBC has in the past compared being gay to committing incest and human trafficking. Its leaders have also accused the US attempts to promote gay rights in Cameroon.

Despite this, the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board gave between $1million and $10million between 2010 and 2015, according to the latest list of donors from the Clinton Health Access Initiative.

However, Mrs Clinton has publicly stated that she supports gay marriage.

As the US elections get into steam, BaretaNews is worried that CBC in Cameroon can offer such an amount to Clinton Foundation when many Cameroonians cannot have access to good health care. What stops the CBC from investing such an amount in the Cameroons by promoting local initiatives. This is like stealing from the people to support a movement out of the country.

The Cameroonian people deserved better

God is still saying something.

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