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Seven Palestinians Killed by Israeli Troops on Land Day






Thousands of Palestinians are marching near Gaza’s border with Israel marking the 42nd anniversary of Land Day. Seven Palestinians have been killed and hundreds have been wounded as they clash with Israeli forces.

In a statement put out by Palestinian Ministry of Health, Mohammed Najjar,25, shot in the stomach in Jabalia-north of the Gaza Strip, Mahmoud Muammar, 38, and Mohammed Abu Omar,22, both killed in Rafah. Three other victims have been identified as Ahmed Oudeh,19, Jihad Freneh, 33, and Mahmoud Rahmi.

Omar Abu Samour, a farmer from Gaza was also killed by gunfire from Israeli artillery earlier on Friday. He was killed standing on his land at Khan Yunis, few hours prior to the protests.

The Israeli army is yet to confirm any of the killings. But Israeli media has reported the deployment of more than 100 snipers around the border with the marching order to shoot.

The Palestinian Red Crescent has reported that more than 550 Palestinians were injured after Israeli forces fired live rounds at the protesting crowd and used tear gas to push back the mob away from the fortified fence.

The march was organized by all political factions alongside civil society organizations of the Palestinian Authority. It commemorates ”Land Day” marking March 30, 1976, when six unarmed Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces during protests condemning the expropriation of massic tracts of Palestinian Land by the Israeli government.

Friday’s demonstrations launch a sit-in demonstration for the next six weeks along the border, leading up to the celebration of the Nakba on May 15.

Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh while speaking to protesters, said ” The Palestinian people have proved time after time that they can take the initiative and do great things. This march is the beginning of the return to all of Palestine”.




Neba Benson,

BaretaNews Foreign Correspondent/Analyst

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