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Richard Wallang, is a CPDM Member of Parliament for the Menchum South Constituency. On September 24th, Wallang attacked and brutalized Mua Patrick, a reporter of “The Guardian Post” daily. We are told the disgraced MP rained punches on Mua and kicked him “with the help of his thugs,” . Mua was attending the opening of a political get-together in the Wum Town Hall.

The incident has raised nationwide condemnation from Cameroonians. The CPDM MP accused the young reporter of writing critical articles to his disfavor. It beats our imagination when does critical reporting become a problem in the Cameroons?

Mua Patrick, Journalist

Mua Patrick, Journalist

Disgrace Wallang tried to justify his actions by claiming that the reporter only writes about his shortcomings and ignores the good things he has been doing for his constituency. However, Mua refutes that and told BaretaNews that his report on the MP has always been fair and objective following laid down journalistic ethics. Hear Mua
“It is not the first time he is doing this. He once threatened my mother in the village, asking her to call her son (Mua Patrick) to order. But he has not been able to say in which article I tarnished his image,”
Wallang later confirmed that he acted out of anger but the issue is being taken out of proportion. To him, Mua is a kid he saw growing and if he needed to beat Mua, he will use a whip on him.

Ngah Christian, Publisher of “The Guardian Post” and Vice President of Cameroon Publishers’ Association, and several other groups in the Cameroons fighting for the welfare and protection of Journalists have condemned the incident and moves are being taken to address it. They have equally called on the CPDM government to call Wallang to order.

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