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Cameroun Ministry of Living Together and Multiculturalism: A world Class Comic Country



Moribund Bilingualism and Multiculturalism Commission proposes ban on the words “Anglophone and Francophone”, and ask Biya to create ” Ministry of Living Together and Multiculturalism ”

The comic stars of La Republique Du Cameroun hardly go a day without introducing a new piece of comedy. This time on stage is the so-called Bilingualism and Multiculturalism Commission created at the start of the Ambazonian war by Biya to talk Southern Cameroonians into staying with them. The leader of that group is Chief Peter Mafany Musonge, former Prime minister of Cameroun from the Southern Zone of Ambazonia.

At a meeting over the weekend, they have, in their usual style of begging King Biya, to ban the words “Anglophone and Francophone” in the country. To them, these words automatically create a divide to the fact that Cameroun ( Plus Ambazonia) is one and indivisible. How banning the fact that someone was born West Moungo (Southern Cameroons, Ambazonia) or East of the Moungo (La Republiqué Du Cameroun) remains a wonder even to God the creator. How has mystifying the word “Consortium” helped in bringing the war to an end?

Funny enough, they are asking that a special, ministry for Living Together and Multiculturalism, be created, a country with more than 50 ministries already for a population of approximately 25million people. With many ministries duplicating functions, others are clamouring for more creations outnumbering that of China and Canada. That is the administrative style of La Republiqué agents, always finding a chopping avenue to the detriment of the population.

Their ministry of arts and culture which is supposed to be in charge of harmonizing their cultures and tribes has rather found pleasure in ferrying all important artifacts from Palaces and museums across Ambazonia to L.R through their agent, Ama Tutu Muna of Northern Zone, Mbengwi when she was minister there.

Recall that this so-called commission had visited Buea and Bamenda to get the people to transmit their grievances to their Boss, Biya of Etoudi. Unfortunately, till date, all the things Ambazonians asked that should be done have not recorded one done.
Biya has not removed his army from the territory of Southern Cameroons. He has not released the Jailed leaders suffering from illegal detention in Yaoundé. He has not open room for dialogue. He has not called for a referendum for the people to decide. These and many were the demands of the people to this useless commission of Peter Mafany.
They have rather embarked on a “kill all Amazonians” mission unabated with fierce military might.

Well, it’s a good thing living together, unfortunately, Cameroun is only realizing that today. It is recommended in the Bible, to live together for it is pleasant in God’s eyes. Let them Live together as Camerounaise because we are together as Ambazonians. But mixing Ambazonia with La Republiqué is like trying to harmonize water and oil. The difference is so clear.

Mafany and other slaves at La Republiqué can stay there together, of course after he must have carried his signboard of living together and marched in front of Colonial Okalia on May 20th. This attitude of creating very absurd concepts is common in Cameroun when their greedy officials have a budget to defend and embezzle state funds.

Ambazonians will forever live with La Republiqué as neighbors, NEVER are they brothers.

Sumelong Ekane

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