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Humiliation of Southern Zone Chiefs takes another twist as mere colonial Kumba 3 D.O threatens



mass murder scheme in ambazonia


Humiliation of Southern Zone Chiefs takes another twist as mere colonial Kumba 3 D.O threatens.

Another letter has come from the colonial D.O of Kumba, characterized of hate, blatant disrespect of traditional institutions and full of meaningless threats to the chiefs of that area to turn up for the fraudulent La Republiquè’s national day. In the entire history of Ambazonia, never has the culture ever been put to such insolence and disregard, even in the colonial times.

Just after the colonial idiot on our land who passes for a Governor asked our chiefs of the Southern Zone to gather their population and match like slaves on their fake national day with placards, we have closely seen others like the so-called D.Os of Buea and Kumba 3 basking in the same bowl of buffoonery, pride, arrogance and complete insolence towards the heritage of the people of Southern Cameroons.

Biya and his gang of thieves keep giving us reasons to chop off their feet at any point from our soil. These invaders must know we mean business in Ambazonia. Our heritage lives and very being is under attack. Never on our land can someone talk and address our chiefs and fons in the new style of La Republique colonial administration.

Never have our chiefs been threatened to be dethroned or face sanctions from scallywags like Biya’s men. These are sacrilegious actions which the gods of Ambazonia must rise from the four corners of our land and defend this course.

We are aware that many of these chiefs and fons are the causes of the mishaps our heritage suffer today because they take bribe. The land shall not suffer from their egoism. Those found guilty will, however, be treated appropriately. Let our traditional leaders make their choices now or never. Thanks to the large-mouthed so-called mayor of Buea town, the Paramount ruler of Buea has chosen the side of the oppressor. Ambazonians are fully aware and determine to see how he achieves his chieftaincy on our Capital.

The entire Southern Cameroons is unanimous, no one be it a colonial administrator or whatever chief must be seen out from May 18th to 20th. Again, the restoration Forces MUST up their game and deal appropriately with defaulters of basic laws on our struggle and our land.

This isn’t the era for slavery, no intruder can rule Ambazonia with such disgust. We are an independent people and will never take dictates from an oppressive neighbor. It’s complete Restoration for Ambazonia or War without End.

Now listen, no fake 20th May celebration in the Southern Cameroons. Our national day is 1st October. See you then.

Sumelong Ekane

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