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Biya Admits Defeat, Declares Ambazonia An Economic Disaster Zone, Makes Area Tax Free To Investors



Biya’s Regime Admits Flagitious Deeds In Ambaland, Exculpates off Taxes

By Mbah Godlove

The colonial Prime Minister (PM) of La Republique du Cameroun, Joseph Dion Ngute says potential business operators in Ambazonia will be exempted from taxes for a period of ten years.

In a decree signed recently, the colonial administrator declared Southern Cameroons a conflict-ravaged territory.

According to the PM,
anyone willing to set up a business in the war-torn country is completely exonerated from taxes.

The ongoing Ambazonian war of independence which is nearing its third year has exposed the economic frailty of French Cameroon which has solely depended on Southern Cameroons’ resources since a manipulated unification in 1961.

The conflict reached its apogee in 2017 following the 86 year-old dictator Paul Biya’s abrupt declaration of war on the now self-conscious Ambazonian people.

Since then, large business corporations such as the CDC have crumbled, reducing La Republique to a state of economic regression.

In 2018, Franklin Njie, the colonial manager of CDC told the BBC that the company needed over FCFA 25 billion as rejuvenation capital given the severity of the ongoing deadly crisis.

Some top Biya close aids confidentially revealed to BaretaNews that their master (President Biya) regrets waging war on Southern Cameroonians given that he did not foresee the possibility of such turgidity from his opponents whom he taught he would crush in less than three months.

Whether tax exoneration or increment, be they the 10 detained leaders in Yaoundé, the late Sam Soya, the brutally murdered 4 months-old baby Martha Mbuh, razed grandmother Apih in Kwakwa, Ambazonians say they have a defined roadmap Рthe immediate restoration of their statehood.

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