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The so-called Ambazonia Recognition Collaborative Council-ARCC has proven to be another paper based organization. It takes me back to the yesteryears generation movements whose sole role was mainly paper documentation and correspondence from office to office. Many months after its creation, nothing concretely has come from that end. It has become a front which respond only to events/situations by means of powerful articles, a thing which MoRisc in itself has been doing and could do.

In fact, we have seen nothing at all. Yes, I was the only ACTIVIST, I mean the only activist who wrote lengthy endorsing it and I received so much backlash and insults, yet I did not buckle until today. I did so because I believed in the plurality of our actions. I believed in it, I pushed it thinking they could do something as a unit coming together but it seems the ARCC itself was just a marriage of convenience, it was a marriage of face saving, it was a political hit job against the creation of the Interim Government, it came from the bad sides of the heart, it had its foundation from the anger of the 4th conclave, it was meant to prove a point. Its road map, that was made known has gone comatose, it is true that true collaboration between them does not even exist, even the two rebel leaders in the name of Dr. Akwanga and Dr. Ayaba are just face making, their members clashed at each other, all the members therein know these things. As we close the year, and I get into my reflections of what must be fixed, maintained, etc my first thoughts fell on ARCC. It is now clear that ARCC only came together because it needed to form a unit that counters the IG, they needed a blinded political romance to threaten the legitimacy of the IG. Sadly, some membership groups within the ARCC have not even allowed the ARCC to function as it was supposed to be, they project dominance above the ARCC and this has led to skirmishes even within the ARCC itself.

After many months of going political comatose, the ARCC through its Chairlady resurrected few weeks ago with an idea of electing a so called legitimate leader to run the revolution? I am afraid to say the ARCC is/was a big joke. How do you want to organize an election? Online? Organize election in war tone areas when many are in the bushes, refugees in another country and we are not yet in control of even one patch of our land? How possible will that even be? These are all distractions. Is that how you want to make Ambazonia a contender? By using some soldiers in some localities to do useless elections? What about those in the cities? What type of badluck is this? Listen, any elections, whether online or trying to stage one back home is as useless as the word itself and a sham. You have not yet held any territory under your control, you want to organize an election?

Now, we see proponents and sympathizers of ARCC calling what they call an Ambazonia General Conference in Boston and at the same time on the poster addressing others as scammers. In fact, these are people who want to rally others to sit, yet insulting them already. It means it is just us vs them (very stupid). Again and again, we fail to learn from our mistakes. What happened when the other groups met in December 2017 and created the ARCC? How will what they want to create or resolve in Boston different from what the ARCC did? We keep skipping to the second stage without addressing the first issues. We are as just as stubborn as Cameroun government keep doing same things and expecting different results.

I have said this over and over and I repeated it last week in my proposals to all group leaders in this revolution-a proposal, I am going to make public in due time. Let me say it again, while I recognize the fact that the methods and ways in which the IG was created was faulty and had issues, while the IG is not representative as it is not inclusive of other frontline groups, the only POSSIBLE thing to do now, is for all the frontline groups to come together, I mean just them. They need to sit in a room and agree to champion a way. They could agree to form a representative government or a revolutionary council or an Ambazonia United Liberation Front that manages the revolution etc. This is an indirect suffrage and can be accepted by our people once all the leaders sell it out to us. Our reactions are a direct response to how our leaders conduct themselves. I do not believe in anything 5th Conclave anymore that brings delegates, persons etc. It is just a waste of resources and time. We have had several of such conclaves. What we need is to push and ensure that these leaders sit only by themselves and make things right. We have some elders in this revolution like Pa Mola Njoh Litumbe, now Hon Wirba, Ambassador Fossung etc, these elders can get these leaders in a room and talk with them. The whole idea should be about restructuring and overhauling of the IG to take any of the fomat described above and yes this is the right thing to do base on all ideas brought on the table. They need to give us something. We cannot go into 2019 as we are currently managing the revolution.

Therefore, there is no way there can be any direct suffrage of an election. IT IS DEAD ON ARRIVAL and it will start and end the way ARCC started and it is ending.

If the front line movements and leaders cannot keep aside their egos, long standing hard line positions to build something stronger as AG7 was about to do in the Washington initiative or compromise to come together, please for crying out loud, just continue on your lane doing what you have been doing for Ambazonia until such a time we are ready. As an individual, I am going to champion the campaign for Ground zero forces to unite, get their acts together and make decisions that meet their immediate needs and safety.

That said, considering the above and mindful of the fact that the ARCC has not proven to be what it was meant to be, we still see them go in very diverse ranks; MoRisc does things alone, AGC goes to European Parliament alone, Akwanga’s movement made strides in South Africa alone, and so on and so forth. It was my view that once a united front such as ARCC was formed, we could have seen them making these moves as ARCC only so as to empower it, again the international community would have been seeing a strong united front but this is not the case. I know that in liberation history, when groups come together in a front, individual groups are not necessarily destroyed, they bury it and make sure the united front takes center stage and all of them put their resources there and push it. ARCC therefore has no use, IT SHOULD SELF DESTROY ITSELF.

Mark Bareta

Thank You.

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