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Sunday Revolutionary Updates: Today’s Ambazonia










BaretaNews Sunday Updates

1. Clandestine Banned Senatorial Elections are currently ongoing in Ambazonia under the most heavy security even known in the history of the Cameroons. Movements of persons, vehicles have been prohibited by both colonial governors. The colonial regime says, the elections must hold. Councillors have been carried in military escorts to secure locations to vote across Ambazonia.

However, Ambazonians say this is a non-event as Senators whose name will appear as victors will answer to the people in ways appropriate. Ambazonians also say, considering the nature of the elections, which they could easily manipulate, Presidential and Parliamentary where they will need our people to come out massively to vote will be different as a large majority of our people have already rejected this regime and want out.

2. Meanwhile, gun shots continue in Bangem. We are told no councillor is out and elections in that locality is a forgone conclusion.

3. Interim Government Acting President, Dr. Sako visits BaretaNews for an in-depth interview today 4pm Ambazonia Time. Highlights of the interview shall be on my trip to Buea while answering other pertinent questions from the people’s platform.

4. La Republique arrested thieves, tie them up and brandished them as Ambazonians who went for fortifications. We have now ascertain that those pictures circulating on social media are manipulations. We have now come to the conclusion that nothing exist in Ambazonia as Odeshi, our able boys though untrained are putting their lives at stake, believing in their own God given strength to fight the colonial regime of Paul Biya.

5. We earlier confirmed yesterday the crash of La Republique Helikopter in Lebialem County, Federal Republic Of Ambazonia. The said picture making rounds on social Media purportedly from the crash side is fake. Though the reports of the crash remain true, we do not have any picture yet of the said crashed Helikopter. Those making rounds on Facebook are fake or as a matter of illustration. We at this media advised against the use of such photos as illustration as most often than not, people take it as the real picture of the incident. We must protect our revolution to avoid international media and other institutions to start doubting our pictures and news item.

6. Elie Smith, Independent Journalist and Rights Advocate is reporting that a lifeless body of a Cameroonian soldier who reportedly drowned was discovered three days ago at River Dibonda in the Mundemba Local Government Area. Further reports say, the corpse is now lying at the Mundemba Hospital Mortuary. Circumstances to the said drowning is not yet known.

7. The Struggle for the restoration of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia continues as Ambazonians get up each day praying to God to see them through. They strongly believe that this year shall be their year of homecoming and recognition.

Stay tuned

Mark Bareta

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