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Statistical Proof To Eliminate Anglophone Legal System



These are some of the hard facts necessitating the strike action, BaretaNews have learned. These facts show statistical proof of a conspiracy to eliminate the Anglophone legal system and it’s common law values.

Southwest Region.

– 148 Magistrates

– 58 francophone magistrates in the Southwest, making 39.2 %

– 89 magistrates in legal department in the Southwest region. 54 of them are francophones. Making 60.7% of francophones.

– 50magistrates working in Buea (Bench & Legal Department)

– 20 francophone Magistrates in Buea making 40 % of francophones.

– 28magistrates in the legal departments Buea, 20 of them are francophones making 71.4% of francophones.

– 30 new bailiffs were appointed in January 2014 and 28 of them are francophones, making 93.2% of francophones.


– There are 128 magistrates in the Northwest- 67 francophone magistrates in the Northwest. 52.3 %

– There are 97 Magistrates of the Legal Departments, 64 of them are francophones, making 65.9% of francophones

.- There are 45 Magistrates working in the Bamenda- 22 of them are francophone, making 48.9% of francophones.

– 27 magistrates in the Legal departments Bamenda, 21 of them are francophones. Making 77.8 % of francophones.

– 21 new bailiffs were appointed in January 2014 and all of them are francophones making 100% francophones.

Comparing major Regional head quarters: situation of Anglophones in Douala and Yaounde Courts compared with situation of Francophones in Bamenda and Buea.

– There are 119 Magistrates in the Courts of Douala. Two (2) of them are Anglophones making 1.7% of magistrates.- There are 107 Magistrates in the Courts of Yaounde. Two (2) of them are Anglophones making 1.9 %.

– As a reminder, 49% of Magistrates in Bamenda and 40 % of magistrates in Buea, the Anglophone regional headquarters are francophones.


– Why are more francophones sent to our key jurisdictions and only an insignificant number of Anglophones sent to the francophone key jurisdictions?

– If at all there is blending of both systems, why are our Anglophone Magistrates only good for- Tcholire, Ambam, Poli, Ntui, Kousseri, Yokadouma, Batouri,Tignere etc; and not considered good for Yaounde and Douala?

– Why is it that almost all the newly appointed bailiffs in Anglophone Cameroon are civil Law trained jurists?

– Do you think the envisaged appointment of Notaires will depart from this train if any ?

These disturbing statistics should be forwarded to the press and all Anglophone personalities for the doubting Thomases to see. You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the times.

This is just the beginning, we are soon to come up with the list of all the Head of Courts, Prisons, Police Stations and Posts, Gerdamemerie, Heads of Parastatals, Appointment in the Military, Police etc. Why is the Language of the military only French in a Bilingual Country? Why is French the Language of the Military Courts in a Bilingual Country? Just imagine that the reverse was true, where English language takes the center stage, will our Francophone Brothers and sisters be silent? Your opinion is as good as mine.

Culled from the Common Law Lawyers Forum

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