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Southern Cameroons Today: Bangem Self Defense Actions







Bangem Boils

10:20 am

BaretaNews has been told that Bangem is currently hot as Amba Restoration Forces-Tigers Of Ambazonia are currently in a gun exchange battle with colonial forces. Some schools ongoing there have been forced to shut down. The entire community is in chaos.

We also hear the guns of police, gendarmes have been seized and they have been asked to kneel down with their hands up. The SDOs car has been seized. It seems the Tigers are keeping the SDO and colonial forces hostage as of now. We are following taps on this as we cannot independently confirm if the SDO is actually in the keeping of the restoration forces.

11:21 Am

Bangem updates

We are told the restoration forces had challenged the military to shoot but be aware that if it doesn’t penetrate, they will in turn try it on them. The military in fear surrendered their weapons and were asked to kneel down. They did

No movement, all the uniform guys including the ones sent have been taken hostage with their cars and guns confiscated. The SDO and DO too are taken hostage too with their cars seized. Reports suggest

Information coming in now says the SDO is presently being mishandled at the Bangem Market Squares. The SDO and other local colonial government officials are kneeling down in mud.

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29/1/2018, 11:21am Amba Time.


Bangem updates, 12:19 Am

BaretaNews has been reliably informed the situation in Bangem is done by a local Defense group called the Kupe/Muanenguba ONE TOUCH. BaretaNews earlier reported that the Tigers were in charge. Our reporter on ground zero has just corrected the information earlier sent. Latest information has that the colonial DO has suffered a broken hand from the Kupe One Touch restoration forces.

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