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Southern Cameroons Revolution: Of Dane Guns And The International Community



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Dane Guns: The Positive Message It Tells The World

While I fully understand that our people need to be upgraded from using Dane guns to the real stuff; while it is true that not all the hundreds units of defense groups fighting can have the real guns; while it is true that some specialised units of all defense groups must be upgraded to have the real guns. Let me take the positive sides why Dane Guns have been a win for us so far.

Over the months, most videos and pictures coming from self defense groups are those with Dane and hunting guns. At the same time, La Republique Du Cameroun Forces have helped us expose to the world what our people truly owns. Let me now tell you why this is good for us and why the international community does not buy La Republique narrative of our fighters being terrorists.

Apart from the fact that the international community knows that self defense is a human right, away from the fact that they know that La Republique Forces began the killings of our people until the apex on 1st October 2017 when they committed their worst before our people chose this path of finally picking up arms;

On the issue of Dane/hunting guns which our forces have been using and are still using till date, the message the international community see is that, it is because the enemy has pushed us, that has caused our people in picking their Dane hunting guns to fight and defend their community. No body sits and watches his/her community razed, citizens killed and watches on. The Dane Guns are a powerful message to show that these are citizens going about their normal lives and as a result of the enemy encroachment, it has forced them to use their hunting guns which they use on animals and traditional activities to fight and that is what they have been using till date. It is a plus and a big message for us.

This is why La Republique Du Cameroun cannot win the war by tagging us terrorists because it is not as if there is/was a foreign country or some preparations were made before now less the type of guns used could have changed. The international community only sees a people who have been pushed to pick up their hunting guns. Over 90 percent of our people are using Dane guns. It gives the international community only one message, that the people are fed up, they are fed up with the system and want their own state and because they have been pushed which is very evident from the atrocities of Biya’s forces, picking their hunting guns to defend their community remained their only option. Yes, the use of Dane guns plays very much in our favours and show the world how every community is rising up. It shows the world a bitter community defending themselves with their hunting guns.

However, that does not mean we cannot upgrade. We must as a matter of fact upgrade because we have sent the message to the world already, the narrative have been built and sealed. They have seen us with Dane guns, even Biya’s forces have shown them what we use. Therefore, getting the real AKs NOW to match that of the enemy cannot be a surprise any longer. They expected us to upgrade by the way. This is why I think that, with time the real stuff and AKs shall and must be made available especially to specialise units in each community and not to all by the way because it could be practically impossible considering we are the primary ‘funders’ of our revolution.

I know this could be a huge task especially now that CEMAC countries and Nigeria are blocking all means for our forces to get these real AKs, I am confident once there is the way and means, some units on ground zero should start having these special materials added to their already Dane owned guns. The Interim Government can do better here.

In God we trust

Mark Bareta

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